Seagate puts 12 TB in a hard drive intended for pros

a 10 TB helium hard drive

Seagate is closing its two-year gap with its main competitor, Western Digital, by announcing the release of a mechanical helium hard drive. This technology consists of filling the sealed compartment of the disc with gas which is intended to be lighter than air and thus limits the phenomenon of friction.

By limiting friction, it becomes possible to increase the number of trays without risking overheating, in addition the expansion of the components is less, which allows to keep the format 3.5 inches and a standard thickness.

Seagate 10 TB helium

The Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD is thus equipped with 7 trays for a total of 10 TB of available storage. It should be reserved for companies, especially those operating in data centers.

So far, Seagate has persisted in trying its luck on the side of SMR technology which allows to overlap the tracks, but it seems that the technique quickly found its limits in terms of density and reliability …

No price is announced for the moment, but it could be announced rather salty.