90% of the best-selling smartphones at Christmas 2020 are iPhones

The top 10 best-selling smartphones for Christmas are packed with iPhones. Only LG’s K30 managed to move up in a ranking dominated by the iPhone 11. There is also a consumer preference for lower-cost devices, probably because of financial worries caused by the COVID crisis. 19.

iPhone 12 range
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Full box for Apple this Christmas. Of the 10 best-selling smartphones at the end of the year, no less than 9 are iPhones. If, last quarter, Xiaomi ahead of Apple by becoming number 3 in the market, it is the latter that dominates among the gifts offered to his loved ones. For the second year in a row, the iPhone 11, the best-selling smartphone in the world in the first half of 2020, took first place in the ranking.

TheiPhone XR of 2018 inherits second place. The podium is completed with theiPhone 12 Pro Max, followed by the iPhone 12, number 1 in sales last October. The popularity of this one is also not ready to falter, since analysts anticipate an explosion in sales in 2021. The iPhone 11 Pro Max, SE, 12 Pro, 8 Plus and 8 are the other models to be part of the top 10. Only LG managed to nudge to get 10th place with his K30.

9 out of 10 active smartphones are iphones

Consumers more attracted to low-cost iPhones

It is therefore not the latest model from Apple that is at the top of the list. As Flurry Analytics, behind the study, explains, “Usually, Apple’s most advanced devices see a big push as early adopters rush to get the best smartphone available”. Although sales of iPhone 12 are doing very well, it is clear that consumers’ priorities lie elsewhere this year.

These results are most likely the consequence of the COVID-19 crisis which has weakened household finances. Thus, the study institute recorded 23% fewer smartphone activations compared to the same time last year. Many manufacturers attest to this decline, such as Samsung which sold less than 300 million smartphones in 2020, a first since 2011. This hypothesis is also confirmed by the presence of the iPhone SE and the K30 in the ranking, two models positioned as mid-range for their respective brand, as well as by the success of devices launched in previous years.

Source: Flurry Analytics