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90 Days 1.0.10

90 Days 1.0.10

90 Days 1.0.10

90 Days is an Android application that allows you to take up a challenge a day to change your habits and adopt new gestures for your health and that of the environment. To advise to raise awareness and educate all audiences on waste minimization, misuse of water and electricity and healthier food.

90 Days is an Android application designed by French designer Elliot Lepers and his team, which allows you to adopt new ecological habits by taking up a daily challenge for 3 months.

Challenges to change your daily life

The app 90 Days can be seen as a daily guide to the ecological transition that is the responsibility of every citizen. It is a fun and awareness-raising way to easily reduce your environmental footprint and those around you. The principle is simple: the application offers only one challenge per day for three months.

Among the main themes addressed, it is possible to learn and discover new ways to drastically reduce waste and the production of waste, in order to limit consumption of electricity and water and also to eat better.

Concrete examples and information to learn more

Urinating in the shower to save the equivalent of a flush or learning a vegetarian recipe are among the first daily challenges offered. There are also many new gestures for shopping with seasonal products or concocting your own sanitary products. For each challenge, the app offers the number of participants and the collective savings achieved.

However, the application could be more fun with level and badge systems like Ocean’s Zero, a shorter version based on waste generation.