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9 free tools to disable and prevent Windows 10 despion and follow you

9 free tools to disable and prevent Windows 10 despion and follow you

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How to prevent Microsoft Windows 10 from spying on you?Since the release of Windows 10 from Microsoft, a grassroots movement stemming from the controversy over the protection of privacy, the many Windows 10 tracking features are raising fears of the birth of many anti-espionage applications.They promise to keep Windows 10 from following you, but they can often cause more problems than they solves.I do not recommend using these tools unless you are sure it will not affect your workstation.

Private life is a much bigger concern than most people realize.Personal data could be used to steal your identity and money.This could also allow people who are badly intent on finding you or following your loved ones. find a good time for doing harm.Or a simple level, it could be used to publish information that you simply do not want to make public. At a time when giving up your personal information allows you to access certain services and applications that are very useful, it may seem impossible to protect these data. This is possible, however. We have compiled a list of key services and applications that will help you. achieve it.

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If you do not pay, you are the product! Since Windows 10 is a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users, Microsoft must find a way to generate revenue. The best way to do this is to monitor user behavior – anonymously. Since Windows has a large installation pool base, popular domain tracking means improving the Bing search engine. that the law forbids Microsoft to follow a person personally, these data are collected in an anonymous way, which hurts them quickly. Possible problems when using these tools.

  • Blocking Windows Update, making it impossible to update Windows and prevent you from fixing important security updates, thus making your computer vulnerable.
  • Possible synchronization problem with backups, Skype and many other applications using the 'Host Files' feature.
  • Break the Windows Store, making it impossible to update applications or check the license.
  • Disabling the Windows Defender antivirus, which helps maintain the security of Windows 10, as well as other desired system components, such as OneDrive.

01 –WPD|Free

A small but powerful portable tool running via the Windows.WPD API is the most convenient and appropriate way to customize privacy related settings in Windows.

  • Privacy Management – Customize the group strategy, services, tasks, and other settings responsible for collecting and transmitting data.
  • IP Blocker – Block IP addresses using tlmtrie rules @ crazy-max.
  • Uninstalling Appx – Easily remove preinstalled waste from the Microsoft Store or any other application.

02 –Blackbird|Free

You do not want Windows to spy on your every move? You do not want to spend hours playing with the privacy settings that always lead to data collection? You think your personal information belongs to you and no one else Or maybe you just want a faster computer and do not like all the new features that Windows offers – we think so too, so we made Blackbird V6.

  • Completely block the system – Block Windows spyware, both at the application and network level, without modifying the settings of the HOSTS file or the firewall and remove all updates of Windows temeter. Supports connections without wire and Ethernet, IPv4 / IPv6.
  • Removes Windows ads – Delete all built-in Windows ads and any preinstalled apps of your choice. Charge your PC to download and install the sponsored software in the background.
  • Restores privacy – Prevents diagnostic data, passwords, contacts, URLs, SMS, handwriting, P2P update location and sharing. Remove all unique ID tracking tokens. Disable more than 60 data collection tasks and, therefore, boost your PC.
  • Portable, restorable, flexible – No installation, with the goal of not cluttering as much as possible, Blackbird is a unique portable exe with granular switches available.Do you want to restore everything? We have you covered. Works on Windows Vista, 7, 8 / 8.1, 10 (Home / Pro / Ent / Edu)

Win10 Spy Disabler is a very simple Windows software that helps you disable the Windows services and programs used to track your activity and collect data on your usage, turn off the temeter and collect data. It seems that Windows 10 can spy on almost anything that you do, according to Microsoft's privacy statement.

They have developed this tool so that you can easily disable all known services, programs, and system settings for collecting data and telemetry. When all changes have been applied, you must reboot the PC. This program should only be used under Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32 64 bits).

O & O ShutUp10 means that you have full control over the Windows 10 comfort features that you want to use and that you decide when the transmission of your data goes too far. Using a very simple interface, you decide how Windows 10 should respect your privacy by determining which unwanted features should be disabled. O & O ShutUp10 is completely free and does not require installation. It can simply be run directly and immediately on your PC.And it does not install or download unwanted or unnecessary software, as do so many other programs nowadays! More control over your operating system.

  • Adapt your security settings
  • Protect your privacy
  • Control of location services
  • Check for Windows updates
  • Do not transmit your user data and diagnostics

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The very questionable default options regarding privacy and data protection in Windows 10 have led me to develop this small program.Microsoft allows everyone to modify the parameters in question, but masks them in countless menus, where the normal user does not want to search!

Uses known methods that try to disable tracking in Windows 10, such as time, DiagTrack log, services, file, IP blocking, Windows Defender / WifiSense, and OneDrive.

Privacy Repairer is a breeze to use.No need to worry about complex and exaggerated interfaces, each option both delivers with a simple toggle button! And if you ever lost, detailed information about each option is readily available.And remember you, all the changes you make are always reversible safely! Privacy Repairer is a tool for Windows 10 designed to protect your privacy.It contains nearly 60 options designed to carefully modify your system in the most beneficial way to your life is private.Privacy Repairer is a breeze to use.No need to worry about complex and exaggerated interfaces, each option both delivers with a simple toggle button! And if you ever lost, detailed information about each option is easily available.And remember, any changes you make are always reversible safely!

  • Privacy Protection – Privacy Repairer is a tool designed to protect your privacy on Windows 10. It contains nearly 60 options designed to carefully modify your system in the most beneficial way for your private life.
  • Advanced Options – Professionals can appreciate advanced options that dramatically improve your privacy, but may reduce your security. For example, disabling SmartScreen for desktop will stop disclosing the software you download, but may expose you to malicious software. because your downloads will not be an online reputation service.

Windows 10 offers many comfort features such as the virtual assistant Cortana that can make your daily life easier. To make this possible, Windows 10 has to collect huge amounts of data. It also analyzes user profiles to display personalized ads that Microsoft recognizes openly.So, by default, Windows 10 is configured to collect more data than many users would allow.My express installation recommends later indicates that: If you do not want to use a particular parameter, you will need to disable yourself.More control of the system.

  • Configure security settings
  • Protect your privacy
  • Disable localization services
  • Prevent Windows 10 from sending diagnostics and usage data

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Optimize over 200 privacy settings in just a few clicks, prevent businesses from collecting your personal data, clean your device's fingerprint, and destroy confidential files beyond recovery. Imagine how long it would take to resolve Manually more than 200 privacy issues on your PC, even if you could solve them all.

Privacy Pal can do this for you automatically by selecting one of three user profiles. Each profile comes with a unique balance of privacy and convenience. They are free and easy to use. Microsoft stores your personal data to enable businesses to create ads. Privacy Pal Privacy Policy automatically prevents this:

  • Disable your advertising ID tracker
  • Disable advertising windows on the Microsoft Store and Explorer page
  • Turn off Bluetooth advertising

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