9 best currency converter apps for Android and iOS

As long as we live in the world of many different currencies and travel a lot, we need to have a brief understanding of how much money we need in another country. We can travel there for a week, or a few hours, in case of a transit flight. In any case, we may need liquidity in a currency suitable for each country. And just in case, if we didn’t know the rate well, we could exchange less money than we need and end up stuck in the city wandering around looking for the bureau de change or the bank.

Here we have put together the list of currency converter apps covering most of the world’s currencies. Some of them are available for iOS, others for Android.

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XE Currency Converter

XE Currency Converter works on both Android and iOS platforms and could be considered the best mobile converter. It displays rates and works as a calculator for most currencies. It also has a function to send money to the app and exchange it online. Prior to that, of course, users can view charts and graphs to see trends and currency fluctuations.

These functions can be very useful, especially for those who need to send money abroad to another country. It simplifies the exchange process and displays a rate that may be appropriate for when it is best to postpone transactions. The app claims that all transactions are highly secure. To find out more, the application has been in operation since 2009 and occupies leading positions in the market by far.

Through the app, users can monitor up to 20 different currencies, having access to the latest rates used around the world. It also provides access to the Bitcoin currency and its exchange. However, the app will work even offline. For example, for calculations.

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Currency converter – exchange

Currency Converter - Exchange
Currency Converter - Exchange

The currency converter is the simplest yet powerful app that helps everyone including travelers to see the rate for different currencies. It contains data for approximately 150 currencies. I guess that’s enough for everyone. So let’s take a look at all the features offered by the application.

Main Features:

  • As for the location, the app will offer you the currency. For example, if you are going to travel to the country and you do not know the local currency. You can launch the app, choose a country and find an exchange rate.
  • All currencies come with their symbols and abbreviations used around the world. For example, the well-known dollar is written in USD, which stands for the US dollar. Besides the US dollar, there are Australian dollars, New Zealand dollars and many others. There are about 20 countries with a dollar as their currency with different rates.
  • Works offline without an internet connection, but for more accurate results you need to update the latest rates.

In addition, the application contains data on historical currency fluctuations presented in the form of charts and graphs over different time periods. Many users have found the app convenient and easy to use. It is not available from afar for iPhone devices.

Currency – travel exchange rate

Currency - travel exchange rate
Currency - travel exchange rate

The second app on our list is very special for its different features. It’s called a currency but with features listed on its name: exchange rate, travel accounting, and labels.

At first glance, we can think that his ordinary currency calculator with most exchange rates existed. Choose any currency and see how much money from your country you would need for travel. CHOOSE calculator in multiple languages ​​to check a few currencies in case you are not traveling to just one country.

The second main feature of the app is a travel expense tracker. You can add each expense and mark it. They will be classified under tags such as food, transportation, accommodation, entertainment. Use a “trip accounting” feature and view the entire report. Monitor your spending daily. A currency converter will help you see how much money you’ve already spent and how much each item costs in your country’s currency. That way, you can prevent sky-high prices from sticking to your travel budget.

The app is only available for Android users, but it has also gained popularity and high rating. It’s worth a try, especially it offers some features for free.

My currency converter and rates

Currency converter
Currency converter

A completely free application with a few additions will appear will be of great help to any traveler going to one or more countries if no border has been crossed. It is only available for iPhone devices. Practical and useful, it does not require any tutorial. Anyone with or without a finance degree can grab the idea of ​​how to use the app in no time. Just choose the currency you want to convert your money to and see the exact number.

It is claimed that My Currency Converter supports 150 different currencies. In addition, it offers Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin tariffs. All rates are updated automatically if you have an internet connection. For each use, there is a switch button to change currencies. The app displays three decimal digits for more precise calculations.

For those who are interested in rate fluctuations and the latest trends, there is a section with diagrams showing how the exchange rate was moving over the past year, month, or day.

Currency Converter Plus Live

Currency Converter Plus is yet another simple and awesome currency app. It is also available for Android and iOS. It is trusted by millions of people who have installed it on different devices and continue to use them all the time. They obviously found it acceptable and comfortable. The rate of this app proves it.

The app provides the latest exchange rate and calculator. But the calculator in this app is more advanced than we can imagine because it allows us to add the currencies of many countries in one calculation. By choosing the starting currency, the app will display the amount of money for different countries. This is called multiple currency conversion and it is a very useful tool.

Being advanced, the app supports not only currencies but also metals and bitcoin. We can’t imagine the market now without these last two. For better analysis, Converter has a statistics section with the trends of each currency for the last time periods that you can choose yourself. These charts can help you trade faster or postpone it for a better time.

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Easy currency converter

Easy Currency Converter
Easy Currency Converter

Easy Currency Converter is really the simplest and most popular app. It has been downloaded over 10 million times. It also offers exchange rates for 200 countries and cryptocurrencies. All data is relevant but requires internet connection for the latest updates. If you are offline, the last saved rate will be displayed.

The app supports the personal list feature, where users can add some currencies to monitor rates. The app also has a search bar which simplifies the process. Sometimes it can be difficult to scroll through the whole pile of currencies which also seem a little confusing. Adding currencies to your list has never been easier. Just tap the star in front of the currency name.

Fortunately, the app has been offering statistical charts for each currency or cryptocurrency since 2011, so that users can see trends during different time periods.

The app is only available for Android devices.

Currency exchange rates

Currency exchange rate is a simple calculator for currencies and precious metals. The app weighs a few and will not take up significant space, but at the same time it will be a backup tool. Fortunately, the app is available for Android and iOS. It also covers 170 global currencies, Bitcoin, Gold and Silver.

The app has something different from other apps. It allows the user to change the rate to calculate and convert correctly based on particular bank rates. Registering rates online allows users to access all rates offline.

However, the app is available for free, it offers in-app purchases.

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iMoney – Currency Converter

iMoney is yet another advanced application to view currencies and their rates. The app offers a quick and easy way to get all the information you need. The easiest way to get the latest rate for the currency to be exchanged. Either you want to travel or have money from other countries. This app is right for you. It is available for iOS devices.

Having a great design and a complete interface, the app offers the list of most of the world currencies with an easy way to find each one you need. Certainly, the app supports the list of preferred currencies marked with a star. This means that you can choose up to 5 currencies and they will be in the separate list for faster access.

The app not only shows the official rate, but the banks buying and selling prices, as we know, are different. The rate chart shows the fluctuations of each exchange rate. The app supports offline mode with the last saved exchange rates.

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Unit converter

Unit Converter is a unique app that offers conversation for different units including currency, weight, length, temperature, time, etc. There are many different features offered by this app. As long as different countries have different systems, for example, the temperature can be reflected in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

But the most important feature that we are looking for is currency exchange and calculation. This app is great even in this financial industry. It will show all kinds of exchange rates. There are over 150 global currencies with constant updates. Usually the app update rate is once per day when launching the app. The design and interface of the app is very attractive. Especially if we look at the currencies that go with the flags of the countries.

The app works fast but doesn’t consume a lot of traffic.

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