8 million euro scam by SMS

8 million euro scam by SMS

Image 1: Scam of 8 million euros by SMS

We knew that SMS brought a lot to reality TV shows. Today we learn that they can also represent a jackpot for scammers who have managed to defraud 8 million euros thanks to an ingenious, but not very discreet system.

Twist on twenty people

It was yesterday morning that the Central Office for the Fight Against Crime related to Information and Communication Technologies (OCLCTIC) carried out a wide sweep of the whole territory, thus calling out to around twenty people. They are suspected of having harmed the three mobile operators whose joint complaint had triggered this investigation.

If the details of the scam are still poorly detailed, we still know the main lines. These people are said to have opened several telephone lines with false papers and then acquired Allopass-type paid access codes via SMS + (premium-rate SMS). These codes make it possible in particular to acquire paid content such as games, ringtones or directories. The last step of the scheme was to resell these codes on different forums to collect dividends.

Cybercrime is on the rise in France, as Michèle Alliot-Marie, Minister of the Interior recently indicated during the last forum devoted to the subject. The internet site-signalement.gouv.fr dedicated to the subject and set up a few months ago has already recorded 12,500 reports.