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8 best apps to control your router

8 best apps to control your router

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Let's take a look at the top 10 apps that can help you control your router, as they are developed to be able to access the router controls and provide the user interface to control it. So take a look at the full guide discussed below to proceed.

The router is a device that helps protect the network via wireless mode. Each Wifi connection uses a router for users. This therefore helps multiple users connect to the same network. Now when there are multiple users connected to the same router, the Network speed is decreasing. By finding yourself in this situation, you may want to have a way by which the router could be controlled by your smartphone only. It is also a good way to facilitate the control of the wireless router and to solve the small In fact, for some brands, their routers manifest themselves with the possibility of controlling them via a wireless connection using any smartphone application.

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In this part, we will tell you about all the major brands of routers and their well-designed applications for wireless router control. If you are interested in knowing the applications of these major router brands, keep reading. below with apps that you can use to control your router even in an emergency, such as when you want to suddenly stop the data flow or something like that. So take a look at these apps below.

Best apps that can help you control your router

We have selected these apps based on research, user ratings, reviews and experience of some of our teams with these apps. I have personally tried these apps and got incredible experience while controlling different settings routers while sitting anywhere. So download and install these apps today.

# 1Asus

The Asus brand has its own application dedicated to the control of routers. Their routers are implemented with all the necessary facilities which allow users to control smartphones using the application. Analyzes relating to the functioning of the router and the Data usage could also be tracked by users via the app. This is really useful and if you have an Asus router with you, then you are lucky to have chosen the right brand.

# 2Netgear

It is one of the most popular brands for routers and there are countless users for this brand all over the world. While enjoying such popularity, this brand cannot miss the control and management features without wire from the router. There is an app called Netgear genie that you can install and use on your smartphone to get the best data analysis, manage customer networks or do many other things. not to be missed for Netgear Wi-Fi router users.

# 3Linksys

It is the brand of the router that provides the smartphone application on its side. Thanks to the application, users can see the use of data, configure parental control via options, direct the different bandwidth for the network and much more. Overall, all of the router's functions could be controlled through the application of this brand.

# 4WiFi Router Master

WiFi Router Setup is the simplest network scanner, IP scanner and wifi, which allows you to find your wifi configuration page (router configuration page) and password, making it a useful tool for ip and ping tools. Or you can detect who is on my wifi and you can block abroad in the administration page of the router from my wifi.

# 5TP-Link Tether

The TP-Link is one of the best Android apps that offers users the easiest way to access and manage your TP-Link / xDSL router / Range Extender with your mobile devices. From quick setup to parental controls, Tether provides a simple and intuitive user interface to know the status of your device, online client devices and their privileges.

# 6DS-router

DS Router is another interesting Android application that allows users to control the whole network. In fact, the application is designed as your personal network control center. From the initial configuration of your Synology router to the application of parental control settings for protect your kids from unsuitable websites or even to adjust your network's firewall settings, the DS router makes network management easy, intuitive and mobile.

# 7Fing

Well, Fing is actually not a router management application, but rather a network scanner. With the help of Fing for Android, you can find out which devices are connected to your WiFi network. In addition to that, the application also provides free network tools such as WiFi scanner, port scanner, DNS lookup, ping and service monitoring.

# 8Network Scanner

The network scanner is very similar to Fing and also lets users know which devices are connected to your WiFi network. The app also helps users identify suspicious vulnerabilities or security issues on the network. Not only these, the app also have tools for Wake on Lan, Ping, Traceroute.

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So finally you have reached the last article and after reading the above data you have all the smartphone apps that you can use to control your router. We hope you liked this article and took advantage of the information provided here. If you really liked the above information, don't forget to share this post. Also, comment on your opinions and suggestions for this post using the comment box below!

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