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7 free photo resizing apps for Android

7 free photo resizing apps for Android

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Sometimes we have to send a photo in a message.What to do if we have a bad internet connection or a short time? You can resize this photo.Reduce the resolution and the size of the photo.You can restore it anytime.The applications of this article are specially designed to resize photos.

You'll also save almost half of the space on your smartphone. The lower the resolution of the photo, the smaller it is. Some clicks and your photos are resized.

There is a list of the best photo resizing apps for Android. Try them all or pick one.

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7 free photo resizing apps for Android

Photo & Picture Resizer: Resize, Batch, Crop

This application will allow you to quickly resize your photos.You can quickly reduce the size or resolution.This will help you save space on your smartphone and you can also send messages with photos.You can send photos much faster with this application. This is a smart app that does its job perfectly.

You do not need to manually save the photo.The app does it automatically.Select a photo and the application will allow you to choose the size and resolution.The app has a very large number of options .You can create a personal option for the resolution and the size of the photo.A simple click and your photos are resized.The application is absolutely free.

Photo & Picture Resizer Photo & Picture Resizer

The application will allow you to browse photos by gestures.The photos are recorded in good quality despite the low resolution.This application will also allow you to improve the resolution of the photo if it was lost during the move.Photos that can be 2 MB can be resized up to 100 KB!The application has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

Photo Resizer

This app has 4 resize modes.You can choose any of them.You can also customize the size of the photos.The maximum size is 2048 2048.You can choose any length and width of the photo.This app is needed for bloggers who post photos on their social networks.Your job will be a lot easier.

Photo Resizer Photo Resizer

The application is easy to use.It does not take much space on your smartphone.It weighs only 2.1 MB.You can change the format of any image.The application will also allow you to take pictures with a modified resolution.You must give the app permission to take pictures.Try it and join 1 million users.

Image Size Photo Resizer

This application will allow you to resize your photo in the size of your choice.There is only a small limitation.You can choose a system for measuring the size.The application has 4 types of measurement systems such as pixels, millimeters, centimeters and inches. You can choose what suits you at work.

Click on the button of the chain to resize the photo.You will see the length and the width of the image.The application will reduce the amount of memory occupied by the photo.You can resize several photos at once. Just select your settings in advance.You can easily and quickly send a photo resizes on your social networks or by e-mail.

Image Size - Photo Resizer Image Size - Photo Resizer

The application has a modern design.You will feel like a professional photo editor.You can take a picture directly from the app.Then select the desired size and resolution.Crop an image with your fingers.Save the photo in the gallery.He is ready to be sent.The application has been downloaded more than a million times.

Photo compression and resizing

The main feature of this application is a flat design.It has an easy to use interface.You can select multiple resize photos.The application quickly reduces the size and resolution of any photo.If you have an urgent need to a photo resizes, this application will do it in a few seconds. You no longer need a PC to resize the photos.

The app will also allow you to compress photos. It uses modern techniques for resizing and compressing photos. The app will also help you improve the quality of the photo. All resized photos are saved in a separate folder. you will not lose them on your smartphone.

Photo compression and resizing Photo compression and resizing

If the photo has a useless part, you can get rid of it.The application will allow you to cut it without loss of resolution.This greatly reduces the size of photos.You will receive resized photos weighing almost 3 times less.Use your fingers for zoom or rotate photos. The app will also help you restore the size and quality of resized photos.

It has been used by over a million people.

Photo Resizer: Crop, Resize, Share Images in Batch

This app will not only resize photos, but it's also an excellent photo editor. Resize photos to post them on Facebook or other social networks. They will weigh much less. The app resizes photos Using pixel technology. You will get excellent quality of resized photos. This is a fast photo optimizer.

The application has several tools in addition to the resizer. Frame, reduce, rotate and zoom photos. You can use this app to process photos for your profile, online store or online articles. you do not have much time to process the photos, you can resize several photos at a time.

Photo Resizer: crop, resize, compress Photo Resizer: crop, resize, compress

The original images are not affected at all.You can choose an individual size for each photo.The application can convert photos to zip format.It does not take much space on your smartphone.It weighs only 5 MB.Try this app that has already been downloaded more than 500,000 times.

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Photo Resizer – Image Compressor

If you are looking for a simple resize application, here it is. Upload it and you can not just resize the photo and crop it. Select one or more photos and start processing. The app allows you to select a photo from the gallery or take it directly in the application. You can choose cropping pictures ready made or create your own.

You can apply the trimming pattern immediately several pictures.This saves you time.The application reduces the size of the photos nearly 4 times.You can quickly publish even photos of the highest quality.You will find more than 10 Culture models ready for use. Just click on the screen and the application resizes your photo in one second.

Photo Resizer Image Compressor Photo Resizer Image Compressor

The photos do not lose in quality after resizing.It is also an ideal photo compressor.Download this app and you will get several professional photo processing tools at once.Developers continue to update the application.Choose your custom resize length and width.If you are a blogger, you probably need this application.

Photo Resizer HD

This is another application that will help you quickly resize a photo.It's easy to use.Open the gallery and select the resize photos.You can take pictures directly in the app.They will already be resized.It will be easier for you to download them on your social networks because they will be able to write almost three times less.This app suits those who work with pictures on the internet.

Photo Resizer HD Photo Resizer HD

The application also has tools for processing photos.You can process the photo after resizing.Rotate, zoom, crop, align the horizon.This application is an excellent assistant in the urgent photo processing.It has been downloaded more than 500,000 times.He has no ads.Nothing will trouble you.Try it and you will not be fuch.

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