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7 free graphic design apps for Android and iOS

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7 free graphic design apps for Android and iOS

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Sometimes you may find yourself wanting to create something new. It can be a wonderful picture, a little scribble in a sketchbook, or an entirely new virtual reality. However, most people need graphic creation tools. to put their ideas and thoughts into practice.

This is why we decided to find the best applications, which will help you create professional graphics. It will be a perfect option to achieve different objectives: doing a project at school or university, performing professional tasks or simply trying to relax.

All the apps listed here are available for Android or iOS users. Choose what works best for you and download it right away. And all apps are free.

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1- 3D Sketch

Sketch 3D Sketch 3D

If you need any type of 3D model, don't hesitate to use Sketch 3D. This application is famous for its simplicity and efficiency – a combination that is difficult to find.

The principle of his work is simple. You build your own shapes, with your fingertips. Change the size, color and angles until you get what you want. The opportunities are endless – you can start with a cube and end up have an advanced high-end car model.

It is also possible to use example shapes, such as cubes, this will work if you want to create basic models for different purposes.

You can also download shapes or models from the Internet and edit them in the app. When the job is done, share it with others (to do so, just save the model in public space).

Sketch 3D is available in the App Store.

2- Prisma3D

Prisma3D - 3D Modeling, Animation, Rendering Prisma3D - 3D Modeling, Animation, Rendering

It is a multifunctional application that can be used for rendering, creation of animations and 3D modeling. Even if it is not a complete version, it works well and offers a wide variety of tools.

The second thing you might be happy with is that this app was created for unqualified users. This means that you will have no trouble, even if this is your first experience of graphic design and creation.

You can import models from the Net, but sometimes Prisma3D's algorithms hesitate to recognize it. This may be because it is not the final version of the application.

The creator says all bugs will be fixed in the next version. Even now, you can download and enjoy most of the features of Prisma3D. Don't hesitate to get it on Google Play.

3- Adobe Spark Post

Widely appreciated and well-rated app (4.9 in the App Store and 4.5 in Google Play). In fact, it can solve thousands of problems with its seemingly limitless tools and instruments.

It has all the possibilities to create graphics, animations and edit photos and videos. There is a short and easy to understand guide, which will help you get started.

What's especially amazing about Adobe Spark Post is that new, professionally designed models are constantly being added, allowing you to create something original every time you use the app.

The possibilities for sharing your works are also impressive. The application can resize everything you have created for all social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or others.

Adobe has a stock image standard that you can use for free, so photos are constantly added, so you'll find everything you need.

Download it in the App Store or Google Play via the attached links.

Download for Android – Download for iOS

4- Desygner

Do you want to create something beautiful, but you don't have the opportunity to work with complicated professional programs? No problem – just download Desygner!

Desygner was created for a wide range of goals, one of which creates images for your social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Linkedln, Pinterest.

What is particularly important is that you can choose any image size. You do not need to comply with standards – freedom of limitation is guaranteed.

The app will be a great tool for those working in marketing and advertising. Another thing that most users find boring is the Desygner interface. It is simple and full of functions at the same time.

If you've never tried working with a graphic design or graphic design app, don't worry – Desygner is easy to understand and use. The most important thing is to get started.

Available for Android and iOS.

Download for Android – Download for iOS

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5- Canva

Another application, useful for various purposes: making a presentation for a school project, creating graphics, inventing new design features for birthday cards and editing photos and videos.

Canva is one of the most popular and widely used tools, and its high ranking in the App Store proves it – 4.9 is a lot. In Google Play, its ranking is slightly lower – 4.7.

Canva has impressive and complicated tools, but this fact does not entail any difficulties or difficulties. Thanks to its intelligent interface!

After downloading Canva for the first time, you will see some detailed instructions and guides. After reading them, it is highly unlikely that any type of problem will occur.

It is also easy to choose the size you need and resize the images if necessary. The design functions are well optimized and improved.

There is also a stock for choosing images. Don't hesitate to find all the photos and images you might need. And don't forget to share your works with your friends via social networks.

Download for Android – Download for iOS

6- HD Graphics Tool

HD Graphics Tool (NO BAN) HD Graphics Tool (NO BAN)

Create advanced and professional graphics models and images in HD Graphics Tool. This application is packed with features that help build your own virtual reality.

The only downside is that there is no detailed description of the working principles of the app, so if you need instructions or guides, you will need to do some research. Or try to find out for yourself. Mrs.

There are a few add-ons you might come across. They help make the app free. However, if you find it too irritating, you can remove them forever, but this option costs money.

Please note that the HD Graphics tool does not work offline. You still need WI-FI to take advantage of its variety of functions.

Another feature is that you need to create an account. It's easy, no specific information about your subject is required. When you have an account, you can save and share your graphics.

7- Goxel 3D Voxel Editor

Goxel editor Voxel 3D Goxel editor Voxel 3D

Are you a graphics lover like Minecraft? Then this is for you. The app has all the tools to create awesome graphics and build any type of object.

There is no limit to the stage, so don't hesitate to use your imagination and enjoy the process of creating something new.

The app supports multiple layers. The only downside is that you cannot import shapes or images from the Internet, you will have to use the given samples. However, this does not deprive you of the right to be creative. .

The app is free only for iPad.

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