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6play is a good application for watching live or delayed programs from the M6, W9 and 6ter channels. It also offers exclusive content and management of favorite programs. Download to find Top Chef and your favorite M6 series!

All M6 channels in your pocket

6play is the official Android application allowing you to enjoy the bouquet of M6, W9 and 6ter channels live or delayed. Indeed, the user can watch the channels live and in high definition or take advantage of dozens of Replay programs classified into categories and with completely free access.

After creating an account, you can select your personalities, themes and favorite programs. A parental filter can also be applied in order not to display prohibited videos for at least 10 years.


Exclusive content

The application 6play also offers 6 exclusive digital channels, including Crazy Kitchen which puts little dishes in the big ones, comic to find many humorous programs or Bruce, the chain of thrills.

An intuitive app

Thanks to the classification by channels or by themes, 6play has good navigation and search functionality. Its interface is pleasant to use and adapts to smartphones as well as tablets.