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6 tips for buying a frequent flyer PC (sponsorship)

Baggage weight limit, limited space for plane or train seats, duration of transatlantic flights, very random and sometimes nonexistent connectivity, frequent travelers have specific constraints and special needs. They need computers that are light, efficient and autonomous, allowing them to work anywhere, even when the conditions are not optimal. Here are 6 tips for finding the perfect traveler PC.

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Image 1: 6 tips for buying a frequent flyer PC (sponsorship)

To travel light

Weight, size and autonomy are undoubtedly the three main criteria and completely inseparable. In this regard, the arrival of the 8th generation of Intel® Core ™ has revolutionized the game. These new processors allow the manufacturer to offer machines not only more powerful and more autonomous, but also thinner and quieter because they do not have the same cooling needs as previous generations.

Depending on your activities and your visual comfort criteria, a frequent traveler will turn to a 13-inch or even 15-inch computer. For example, the new Dell Inspiron 7370 has a 13-inch Full HD panel to enjoy a truly comfortable workspace in a format that remains super compact and ultra-thin. However, it only displays 1.4 kg on the scale, although it is very efficient and very complete. The new Dell XPS 9360, with its premium design and its hyper immersive InfinityEdge screen, is even lighter at just 1.2 kg. If you handle a lot of numbers and are looking for a keyboard with a well-marked numeric keypad, opt instead for a 15 inch model. Despite the weight imposed by the glass slab of a relatively large screen, Dell has managed to constrain the weight under 2 kg on these XPS 15 and these new Inspiron 7570. Models that are also available with 4K Ultra HD screens breathtaking images of precision and realism.

2 in 1 is more comfort in your travels

Obviously, the computer that accompanies the frequent traveler is not only useful for him to work. It also becomes a privileged communication tool and the vector of many distractions whether it is to consult the Web, read electronic magazines or comics, and of course watch movies or series. This multimedia entertainment takes on a whole new dimension on touchscreen PCs in the “2 in 1” format. Dell is convinced to the point of offering “2 in 1” versions of its laptops intended for the frequent traveler, like the Inspiron 5379 (13 ”) and Inspiron 5579 (15 ”) or the luxurious XPS 13 2 in 1.

Image 2: 6 tips for buying a frequent flyer PC (sponsorship)

This format is really very practical with the possibility of folding the screen to transform everything into a tablet, the possibility of switching the device to easel mode to place it on the tablet of the airplane seat and watching a film while keeping your hands free. , or put the device in “tent” mode to read news for example while having breakfast at the hotel.

The backlit keyboard for more comfort

A practical tip, consider opting for a laptop with a backlit keyboard. When traveling by train or plane, lighting conditions vary widely. With a backlit keyboard, you’re always as productive even when it’s dark. This backlight may seem like a gadget, but it is a comfort that no one can give up once the idea is tamed.

Image 3: 6 tips for buying a frequent flyer PC (sponsorship)

Versatility is not an empty word

Moving constantly does not mean being condemned to a certain ineffectiveness. With their SSD, their 8 GB memory expandable to 16 GB, and their 8th generation Intel® Core ™ quad-core processor, the new Inspiron 5000, Inspiron 7000 and XPS 13 have nothing to envy in terms of responsiveness, agility, performance on the most recent PC towers. Video editing in Premiere, Photoshop retouching, advanced office automation in Office 365, 3D design, no task as heavy or complex as it scares these new laptops. And for those who also like to distract themselves by taking advantage of the latest games released, some models are available with an additional GPU, equipped with its own video memory, in order to offer the expected 3D performance. These new laptops are even directly compatible with new mixed reality headsets, like the Dell Vizor, to discover new immersive experiences.Image 4: 6 tips for buying a frequent flyer PC (sponsorship)

Take on any challenge with the most powerful of Intel processors® Core ™ i7

A vital boost of energy

The scenario is well known: you spend your transatlantic flight polishing a presentation (i.e. some 12 hours of flight), you disembark at the airport, take a taxi and continue with a first meeting where your PC is again put to use. The problem is, you haven’t seen a single power outlet nearby since you left your house! The new Dell Inspiron may offer more than 10 hours of autonomy in batch work (and even up to 22 hours on a Dell XPS in office mode only), you will run out of juice. Even your smartphone is probably flat too. This is why Dell offers very high capacity “Dell Power Companion” travel chargers for its laptops (from 12,000 to 18,000 mAh) to recharge both your smartphone and your PC, thus doubling its autonomy!

Image 5: 6 tips for buying a frequent flyer PC (sponsorship)

Opt for on-board biometric security

The risk is inherent in mobility: a laptop can easily be stolen or forgotten in the hotel room, in a taxi, in a restaurant, etc. In order not to endanger your confidential or personal data, there are much better options than long passwords that one so easily forgets the fatigue of helping travel. Some Inspiron 5000 models are equipped with a fingerprint sensor positioned in the PC’s ignition button: the simple fact of turning on your PC while holding your finger on the button authenticates you and connects you to your Windows session. The Inspiron 7570 models have an advanced infrared camera that recognizes your face to authenticate you. It’s simple, it’s safe, it’s fast and it requires no effort. Security is not effective when security is not binding.

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Full of connectionsTraveling also means connecting the PC to the hotel room TV, Bluetooth speakers or headphones, meeting room projectors, USB keys and disks, etc. In short, it is better that the envisaged PC is well equipped. The Inspiron 5000 and 7000 offer an optimized WiFi AC connection, Bluetooth 4.1, HDMI output, and of course several USB 3.0 or 3.1 ports. There is even a USB Type-C 3.1 port on many models. It offers, through an adapter, multiple connection solutions to projectors, screens and wired networks.Image 6: 6 tips for buying a frequent flyer PC (sponsorship)