6 telegram functions that WhatsApp does not have

6 telegram functions that WhatsApp does not have

6 telegram functions that WhatsApp does not have

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WhatsApp has millions of users worldwide and the ultimate instant messaging app, but that doesn't mean it's the best. There is no shortage of competitors and, on more than one occasion, they have interesting features that take you one step further. This is the case of Telegram which has 6 specifications that WhatsApp does not count.

It is true that WhatsApp didn't just copy Snapchatbut he occupied a large part of his functions, but also of Telegram. One year ago, WhatsApp did not allow sending GIFS or did not protect conversations , the details he considered from Telegram. Now let's see the differences between Telegram and WhatsApp.

6 telegram functions that WhatsApp does not have

1. Multiple platform

The first difference between Telegram and WhatsApp is the platform that both applications support. Let's see how many devices they support independently.

WhatsApp: While WhatsApp can only be used on the mobile and recently it started supporting Tablet.

2. Web version

The second major feature is the web version. Let's see how good it is to use the app on both, mobile and web browser.

Telegram: it supports independent versions of browser and mobile. It is not necessary to use your mobile to use Telegram, it is possible to use it directly on your web browser. Isn't it easy to use as a? We can use the application on our computer when our mobile is not available or in charge mode.

WhatsApp: While WhatsApp also has its web version where users can use it online. However, the web version on your computer or laptop, you need to do it via your mobile and it is essential that your mobile is near you when using WhatsApp in a web browser. Isn't it a bit complicated?

3. Data consumption

The third major difference is consumption. Find out the amount of MB or GB used by Telegram and the WhatsApp application.

Source: alltop9

Explanation of the image:

Consumption consumed is expressed in megabytes and expresses the amount of data traffic consumed during one hour of use of the application

Telegram: According to a study, Telegram spends almost half of WhatsApp data . To prove it, the research team compared different instant messaging apps by sending the same amount of messages and measuring data consumption in an hour.

WhatsApp: According to a study, WhatsApp consumes more data than the Telegram application.

4. Group participants

These days, groups are becoming very popular. Not only family groups, but many of them also create groups for their education, technology-based website service. This would be good news for people who want to organize large groups.

Telegram: in the Telegram app, you can have up to 5000 participants in a group.

WhatsApp: While WhatsApp allows groups of 256 people, Telegram increases to 5,000 participants.

5. Payments in the application

Sending payments through our bank accounts is an official method. But, if we have the choice to send payments through our chat apps. Amazing isn't it? Find out what supports sending payments online while chatting.

Telegram: it allows you to send money via the application, a function that already allows other applications such as Facebook Messenger .

Source: Alltop9

WhatsApp: While WhatsApp is still working on it, although it is unknown at this time.

6. Confidentiality of cats

The major problem is privacy and security. I hope you will be 100% satisfied with these safety measures.

Telegram: The Telegram goes a step further because it allows you to create secret conversations that are destroyed by themselves. In addition, the app notifies you if someone takes a screenshot of the conversation. Amazing isn't it? I think this is the main point that everyone is looking for.

There is no need to give the phone number either. If you want to send someone a message but don't have your phone with you to enter the number at that time, you can just search by their username and start the conversation with them. I think this is one of the best features of the Telegram app.

WhatsApp: the end-to-end WhatsApp encryptionguarantees that only the sender and the receiver can read the conversations, without the conversations being stored on a server company.

These are the 6 main differences of Telegram and WhatsApp. I hope you have good information regarding privacy, limit of group members, payments through apps, etc. After having known all these differences.

If you have other differences between Telegram and WhatsApp, let us know in the comments below. We will include in our article in the next update.

If you are using Telegram but not WhatsApp, let us know the reason in the comments below. Also, if you are using WhatsApp but not Telegram, tell us why?

Which app do you prefer to use for chat purposes? Telegram or WhatsApp or other applications?

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