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6 iOS 11 tips you might not know

ios11 tips 1 6 tips on iOS 11 that you may not have known

With the arrival of iOS 11, we got lots of new and very practical tips. Some of these novelties are clearly visible, others are more subtle and less obvious to discover by yourself. In this article, you will discover 6 tips on iOS 11 that you might not have known about.

1 – Quickly add filters to a photo

When taking a photo, you can add a filter to your photo. With iOS 10 and earlier, the filters icon was placed at the bottom right. But with iOS 11, it is located at the top right where the button used to switch the front / rear camera was located. For quicker access to filters, there is a trick.

To do this, open the camera on your iPhone then slide up, the different filters offered by Apple will then appear at the bottom of the screen.

IOS 11 tip Add Photo Filters 1000x887 6 tips on iOS 11 that you might not know

2 – Quickly share screenshots

On iOS 10 after taking a screenshot of your iPhone or iPad, you had to go to the application Pictures to share it or from the photo library on WhatsApp for example. Now with iOS 11, it’s much easier to share a screenshot.

Take your screenshot and it will go for a few seconds, in the bottom right corner of your screen. To quickly share the capture, touch and hold it. You will then see a window appear allowing you to choose an application to share or send your screenshot. This same window offers the means to copy the capture, send it by AirDrop, save it in the Files application and much more.

IOS 11 tip Share Screenshots Quickly 1000x598 6 tips on iOS 11 that you may not have known

NB : However, if you type without pressing on the capture, you will not see the sharing window but a screen offering you the possibility of editing or deleting the screenshot.

To take a screenshot on the iPhone X, read the article: iPhone X: how to take a screenshot and turn off the device.

3 – Return to the home screen with a tap from the multitasking screen

In the multitasking screen, on iOS 10, you had to press the Home button to reach the home screen.

With iOS 11, you no longer need to use your Home button, or swipe from bottom to top on the iPhone X. You simply type either at the bottom or at the top of multitasking applications, in the empty spaces.

IOS 11 tip Access Home screen Quickly 1000x1778 6 tips on iOS 11 that you may not have known

4 – Search and find the name of a page on Safari

If like me you have dozens of pages open on Safari, and you often find it difficult to navigate, know that there is a tip on iOS 11 that allows you to search for the name of a page. Indeed, on iOS 11, there is a hidden search bar in Safari.

Scroll to the top, then once the limit is reached, drag down to reveal the page search bar. The search is instantaneous and filters the pages according to what you enter.

IOS 11 tip Search Safari tab 1000x586 6 tips on iOS 11 that you may not have known

5 – See the preview of a page tab in Safari

If you have dozens of tabs of pages open and you are looking for a particular page, there is a tip that allows you to consult a preview of this page without accessing it.

To do this, keep pressed on the tab of the page you wish to preview, a window will then display you in large, the preview of this page.

IOS 11 tip See overview Safari tab Quickly 1000x893 6 tips on iOS 11 that you might not have known

6 – Quickly share your current location in an iMessage

New features are constantly increasing in iMessage. On iOS 11 a tip allows you to quickly share your location in the Messages app. All you have to do is type ” I’m at “ followed by a space then touch current location or Current position.

IOS 11 tip Share Current Position iMessage 1000x896 6 tips on iOS 11 that you might not have known

NB : For this tip, you must use the French keyboard and have the Location service enabled on your device. To activate the Location Service, go to Settings > Confidentiality > Location service.

2 bonus tips

The following two tips are not new to iOS 11, but they can be very useful, so we decided to add them to this compilation of iOS tips.

1 – FaceTime call from a dialed number

After dialing a number, you can make a FaceTime audio or video call without saving it in your contacts. Just press hard (3D Touch *) on the green button to place the call immediately after dialing the number. You will see a 3D Touch window allowing you to either make a normal call, or a FaceTime video or audio call.

IOS 11 Tip FaceTime Numero Rapidly 1000x893 6 tips on iOS 11 that you may not have known

* As a reminder, the 3D Touch option is available on iPhone 6S and above (except iPhone SE).

2 – Quickly access drafts in Mail

To find your drafts easily, just long press on the icon allowing you to write a new email. It is placed at the bottom right of the screen. You will then see a list of all your drafts appear.

IOS 11 tip Access Drafts Mails Quickly 1000x890 6 tips on iOS 11 that you may not have known

If you found these tips useful, don’t hesitate to drop us a note in the comments. If you also know other tips on iOS 11, you can share them by leaving a comment.

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