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6 fun and cool Mac terminal commands to try

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6 fun and cool Mac terminal commands to try

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The terminal is a handy utility commonly found on UNIX computers, such as Linux and macOS.You can enter commands for your computer to perform certain tasks.If you're familiar with Windows, it works a lot like Command Prompt or PowerShell.

Although you can think of it as a serious component of your computer, there are fun things to do in the terminal.If you are not familiar with the Terminal interface, go.Whatever your level of experience, you can use these cool Terminal commands without much effort.

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1. Play old school games

macOS ships with GNU Emacs, a text editor that is part of the GNU operating system. You can access it through the terminal. By itself, the explanation might not mean much to you. But that means you can play a selection of retro games with a few simple entries in Terminal.

If you need a short distraction, most of these games have a fast pace. This allows you to get a few rounds without much investment of time. However, if you quit some of these games early, your partner 'Suddenly sassy AI could heckle you a little.

To start playing, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the terminal.
  2. typeemacsand pressReturn.
  3. KeepFnpress onF10.
  4. Use touch padsUp downor press the buttonTto selecttfor Tools.
  5. Again, use the keysUp downor press the buttonGto selectgfor games.
  6. Select a game from the Terminal list using keysUp downor enter its respective keyboard shortcut. The list of games is as follows:
  • 5 5
  • Black box
  • Hanoi Towers
  • Multiplication puzzle
  • Solitary
  • Out zone
  • Adventure
  • caro
  • Life
  • Snake
  • Tetris

Do not forget to select your game by keyboard shortcut to use the appropriate case (that is to say aTcapital for Tetris), as some share keyboard shortcuts.

If you want to quit the game, use the key combinationCtrl + Xfollowed byCtrl + C.

2. Watch ASCII Star Wars in the terminal

In a surprising inclusion, you can watch Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope in ASCII Art. If you want to watch a repentant sci-fi classic, book a little time. live internet connection or this fun Terminal command will fail.

If you have an IPv6 address, some scenes will be slightly different. It's an old joke that says an IPV6 address displays the movie in color, but that is not the case.

When you're ready, open Terminal. Depending on your version of macOS, enter one of two commands:

  • For macOS Sierra andversionsultrieures:nc 23
  • For previous macOS versions Sierra:telnet

3. Speak with the terminal

Do you have a lot of time to waste but no one to spend it with? Terminal could keep you company during these quiet times.

Just type:say (insert text here without parentheses)

You can type the text of your choice after the promptsayand Terminal will say it for you. As one of the simplest tricks to do, this is a cool Terminal command for pranking others.

If you wish, you can even customize the voice by going toSystem Preferences> Accessibility> Speechand selecting your preferred speaker.

4. Meet the psychotherapist

If you're having fun asking Terminal to talk to you during quiet periods, there is another interesting Terminal command to try. This will allow you to engage in a more active therapy session.

If you suffer from stress at work, it can be a free alternative for a real therapist.

To consult the Emacs virtual psychologist with your problems, do the following:

  1. Launch Terminal.
  2. typeemacsand pressReturn.
  3. Maintain theshift keypress then presschap.
  4. Press the keyX.
  5. typedoctorand pressReturn.
  6. Type what you want to say and press twiceReturn.
  7. Keep the conversation going until you're satisfied.

If your psychotherapist starts to suggest that you need a break, try a light reading

5. Get your weather forecast

While some of the other fun Mac Terminal commands are pretty stupid, this one is actually useful. If you need a three-day forecast of your local weather, you don't even have to open your Navigator.

Just open Terminal and typecurl view your local forecast. You will instantly receive a breakdown of your morning, afternoon, evening and night conditions, as well as the current weather forecast.

6. Endless text boxes

As with the say prompt mentioned above, the simplest commands in Terminal make for great pranks. If you want to surprise someone on their Mac, try taking advantage of the commandyesThis causes Terminal to spit the same chain over and over again until you tell it to stop.

Before doing this, you should know that the commandyesconsumes a large part of your computer's processor; it prints text so quickly that the process consumes all available resources. Running multiple iterations ofYeseach maximizes a core of the computer’s processor, so you have to be careful with it.

So, we recommend that you only use this prank when the owner sees it soon. You don't want their computer to run for hours with 100% CPU usage, which could potentially cause damage.

To useYes, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the terminal.
  2. typeYesfollowed by a word or phrase (for example,yes Are you afraid?) And pressBetween.
  3. Take advantage of the farce results.
  4. Press onCtrl + Cto stop the process.

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Take advantage of the command line with cool terminal commands

After playing around with these command lines a bit, you should realize that the terminal isn't as boring as you think.And they're not MacOS exclusive – Linux users should also be able to access them without any problems.

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