6 Free Tools to Download Entire Websites for Offline Use or Backup

With the speed and responsibilities of today’s internet, there isn’t much reason to download an entire website for offline use. Perhaps you need a copy of a site as a backup, or you are moving to a remote location, these tools will allow you to download the entire website for offline reading.

Here’s a quick list of some of the best website downloader software to get you started. HTTrack is the best and has been a favorite of many for many years.

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01 – HTTrack | Windows | macOS | Linux

HTTrack is a free (GPL, libre / free) offline navigation utility that is easy to use. It allows you to download website from internet to local directory, recursively create all directories, get HTML, images and other files from server to your computer. HTTrack organizes the relative link structure of the originating site. Simply open a page of the “mirrored” website in your browser and you can browse the site from link to link, as if you were viewing it online. HTTrack can also update an existing mirror site and resume interrupted downloads. HTTrack is fully configurable and has an integrated help system.

Cyotek WebCopy is a free tool to copy entire or partial websites locally to your hard drive for offline viewing. WebCopy will scan the specified website and download its content to your hard drive. Links to resources such as stylesheets, images, and other website pages will be automatically remapped to match the local path. Using its extended configuration, you can define which parts of a website will be copied and how.

WebCopy will examine a website’s HTML markup and attempt to discover all related resources such as other pages, images, videos, file downloads – anything and everything. It will download all of these resources and continue to search for more. In this way, WebCopy can “crawl” an entire website and download anything it sees in order to create a reasonable facsimile of the source website.

Website Downloader, Website Copier, or Website Ripper allows you to download websites from the Internet to your local hard drive on your own computer. The website downloader organizes the downloaded site according to the relative link structure of the original websites. The downloaded website can be browsed by opening one of the HTML pages in a browser.

After cloning a website to your hard drive, you can open the website’s source code with a code editor or just browse it offline using your browser of choice. Site Downloader can be used for several different purposes. It is really easy to use website downloader software without downloading anything.

  • Backups – If you have a website, you should always have a recent backup of the website in case the server goes down or you get hacked. The website downloader is the fastest and easiest option to back up your website, it allows you to download the entire website.
  • Offline Website Downloader – Download the offline website for your future reference, which you can access even without an internet connection, for example. when you are on a plane or on vacation on an island!

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04 – UnMHT | Firefox add-on

UnMHT allows you to view files in the MHT web archive (MHTML) format and save entire web pages, including text and graphics, into a single MHT file in Firefox / SeaMonkey. MHT (MHTML, RFC2557) is the web page archive format for storing HTML and images, CSS in a single file.

  • Save the web page as an MHT file.
  • Insert the URL of the web page and the date you saved in the saved MHT file.
  • Save multiple tabs as MHT files at once.
  • Save multiple tabs into a single MHT file.
  • Save the webpage with one click to a preset directory with the quick save function.
  • Convert the HTML files and the directory that contains the files used by the HTML to an MHT file.
  • View MHT file saved by UnMHT, IE, PowerPoint, etc.

05 – grab-site | macOS | Linux

grab-site is a simple preconfigured web crawler designed for backing up websites. Give grab-site a URL and it will recursively crawl the site and write WARC files. Internally, grab-site uses a wpull fork for crawling. grab-site is a crawler for archiving websites into WARC files. It includes a dashboard to monitor multiple crawls and supports modifying URL ignore patterns during crawl.

06 – WebScrapBook | Firefox add-on

WebScrapBook is a browser extension that faithfully captures the web page with various archive formats and customizable configurations. This project inherits from the old Firefox ScrapBook X add-on. A wab page can be saved as a folder, compressed archive file (HTZ or MAFF), or a single HTML file (optionally scripted as an enhancement). An archive file can be viewed by opening the index page after unzipping, using the built-in archive page viewer, or with other wizard tools.