6 best volume booster apps for Android

6 best volume booster apps for Android

6 best volume booster apps for Android

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Many of us use our smartphones as our main device forlisten to music while traveling. Even though smartphones have grown considerably in the past two years, manufacturers don't seem to be paying too much attention to speakers or general audio. This may not be true for some manufacturers such as Google and LG, which still include stereo front speakers and dedicated DACs on their devices, but the vast majority of smartphones nowadays have low loudspeakers. speakers and a disappointing audio output via the headphone jack (provided they haven't already been removed). This is where volume boosting applications come in. They are also useful in case the audio file itself has a very low audio output and you cannot take full advantage of it.

A simple search on the Google Play Store brings up a ton of such apps for Android devices, which claim to improve audio output, both through the speakers and the headphone jack.However, a significant part of these applications do not work as expected and do practically nothing to improve the audio output of your Android device.On top of that, some of these apps are loaded with ads that appear frequently, which negatively affects the user experience.With that in mind, we've created a list of volume boosting apps for Android that work and improve audio output from your Android device.

Note: Theincreasing the audio output from your smartphone can cause permanent damage to the speaker or your hearing (if using headphones with any of the following apps). Install these apps at your own risk.

Best volume booster apps for Android

1. Boom: Music player with 3D surround sound and equalizer

Some of your Mac users may already be familiar with this application, Boom: Music Player with 3D surround sound and tagging. The music player offers a multitude of customizations to improve the overall audio output of your Android device, including a setting which increases the volume.Boom also offers a3D surround sound adjustment with customizations giving you more granular control of audio outputand a correct tracker allowing you to customize the sound profile.

Boom: Music Player with 3D Surround Sound and EQ Boom: Music Player with 3D Surround Sound and EQ

In addition, the music player supports direct streaming from services like Spotify and Tidal, as well as support for online radio stations, podcasts, and direct playback from Google Drive and Dropbox.the app has not been officially released on the Play Store and is in development, which means that you may encounter bugs while using the music player. Remember that the volume boosting effect of the app is limiting the audio played using the app and does not affect other applications on your device.

Price:7-day free trial; Rs.480 for 6 months for streaming services

Download Boom: Music Player on the Play Store (free)

2. BlackPlayer music player

Another great music player that you can use as a volume amplifier for your Android device is the BlackPlayer music player.five-channel equalizer as well as a sound effect feature that will allow you to tinker with the audio outputThe sound effects menu in the app is where you will find the "Amplifier" setting, which allows you to increase the volume up to 4 dB, which can greatly improve your listening experience.

BlackPlayer Music Player BlackPlayer Music Player

In addition to the amplifier settings, the BlackPlayer applicationalso lets you boost the bass, use a virtualizer and control the sound balance, which comes in handy when using headphones or external speakers. The app has a pure monochrome interface that looks really cool and even gives you the ability to completely customize the appearance of the player. Music.If you have offline music stored on your device, you should definitely try BlackPlayer, but note that the volume up effect does not affect other apps.

Price:free (with ads)

Download BlackPlayer Music Player from the Play Store (free)

3. Accurate volume (+ EQ / Booster)

Precise Volume is another great equalizer / amplifier combo available on the Play Store, which allows you to significantly improve the audio output of your Android device. As its name suggests, Precise Volume gives you more precise control of the audio output through a 5 equalizer. bands with equalizer and dune presetsBoost function which will allow you to increase the bass, to add a surround sound effect to most sounds. above all, increase the overall volumeaudio.

Precise Volume (+ EQ / Booster) Precise Volume (+ EQ / Booster)

Unlike BlackPlayer and Boom,the settings you choose in Precise Volume are applied to the entire system, which means that the volume increase will work with all the apps you use to play audio. The app allows gain up to 12dB, which is great, but could damage your smartphone speaker, so you have to do be careful when using the app. The app also allows you to create and save your own equalizer presets, which is an interesting addition.

Price:free (with ads)

Download Precise Volume (+ EQ / Booster) on the Play Store (free)

4. GOODEV volume amplifier

The next step is the GOODEV Volume Booster, which is a barebones volume booster like the first application on our list.a single boost bar that lets you boost the volume up to 60% by default, with the possibility of increasing it further from the parameters.

GOODEV Booster Volume GOODEV Booster Volume

Like the Volume Booster application at the top of the list, the GOODEV Volume Booster application has amaximum allowable limitation and increased start-up functionalityThe settings you choose in the application are applied throughout the system, allowing you to enjoy amplified audio output from any application.

Price:free (with ads)

Download Volume Booster GOODEV on the Play Store (free)

5. Volume Booster Pro

Volume Booster Pro is another fairly simple application that allows you to improve the overall audio output of your Android device.app has a fairly simple user interface with a large volume button in the middle that controls the main volume, an acceleration rocker that amplifies the sound and three dedicated buttons that allow you to increase the volume of multimedia playback, calls and alarms.

Volume Booster Pro Volume Booster Pro

As with some of the other volume amplifiers on this list, the settings you choose in Volume Booster Pro are applied throughout the system and amplify the audio output of any application used to play audio. However, the application containsextremely annoying full-screen ads and pop-up windowsasking you to rate the app on the Play Store, which might bother most users.

Price:free (with ads)

Download Volume Booster Pro from the Play Store (free)

6. Super high volume amplifier

The list is completed by a very high volume booster (super loud), an application that says everything in its name. The application has asimple user interface with a volume button in the center and an acceleration slider belowfrom which you can control the volume and volume gain of audio playback on your device.

The app also offers quick toggles to mute, amplify or normalize audio, which is a handy addition. The audio settings applied with the app can be used system-wide so you can enjoy enhanced sound using any application, just like Volume Booster Pro, however, the application containsfull screen ads and pop-ups asking you to rate the app on the Play Store, which will likely prompt users to rate the app low.

Price:free (with ads)

Download the super high volume booster from the Play Store (free)

Pump It Up with these volume boosters for Android

This brings us to the end of our list of the best volume reminder apps for Android. As I just said, if you have a rooted device, you should definitely try Viper4Android, as this is the best audio enhancement tool that you can add your Android device. However, if you are not familiar with the process of rooting and flash updating of .zip files, you should stick to one of the above mentioned applications which do not require access. root.Have you ever tried any of the aforementioned apps? Which of the two is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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