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6 best tools to test RAM in 2019

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6 best tools to test RAM in 2019

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If you are building computers or overclocking your computer regularly, only the CPU and CPU stress test will not be enough to stabilize your PC. You must also submit your RAM to a standard workload resistance test to check its stability. , you can also overclock the RAM a higher frequency and examine its behavior a high voltage and temperature. So, in this article, I bring you the 6 best tools to stress the test RAM that will help you find hardware defects and a In addition to that, I also mentioned a benchmarking tool in case you would like to know where your RAM performance is compared to similar computers. That said so, let's go ahead and check it out. the best programs for testing RAM.

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Software to test the test RAM

I've included 6 tools to thoroughly test RAM for inefficient reading and writing speeds, hardware problems, paging errors, caching, etc.Also I mentioned the programs free and paid so that you can choose one according to your needs.Now, without further ado, let's move the action directly.

1. MemTest86

MemTest86 is one of the oldest and most popular tools for testing the test RAM. It has a unique approach to analyze the RAM and check all kinds of errors. Unlike other standard applications, it's an amorable program and it's is what makes it interesting. Just like you install the Windows operating system,you will have to start this program from a USB key.After that, it will run a series of complete algorithms and test models to test the stability and failures of the RAM.MemTest86 uses a high-performance memory profile, commonly called XMP, to stress the RAM.Other than that, it uses a hammer test, a squential memory lock, mobile inversions and many more complex methods to overload the live memory.

That said, the best thing about MemTest86 is that ittakeinLoads all types of DDR4 DDR2 RAM.It is also compatible with PC and Mac dots UEFI BIOS or Legacy.Do not worry, you do not need to disable the safe boot to run this software because Microsoft has signed his certificate. As a whole, MemTest86 is a reference When it comes to RAM testing, you simply can not go wrong. The only drawback is that the user interface looks old, but that's about it.

Check Out MemTest86(Free, single purchase of $ 44 for the Pro edition)

2. Karhu RAM Test

If you do not like the MemTest86 user interface or its amorable approach, then the Karhu RAM test application is the best choice for you.a standard graphical interface with a simple design and many advanced features.You can use this program to examine the RAM memory for hardware failures or check the behavior of your RAM memory after you have overclock it. It deploys several advanced algorithms to stress the RAM by generating random numbers on RAM. functions are RtlGenRandom and XORWOW, which disable the processor cache and allow squencial writing on the memory block. In simple terms, the Karhu RAM test has proven to be a reliable stress test tool for many system builders and overclockers over the years. And I'm sure it will not disappoint you. But keep in mind, the app is not free, however, the features it provides are well worth the price.

Check the Karhu RAM test(single purchase of $ 10.99)

3. MemTest64

MemTest86 is great, but it has an obsolete user interface and Karhu's RAM Test is a pay only software. In this case, MemTest64 is a perfect tool that allows you totest your RAM without spending a dime or navigate the amorable mess.In simple terms, MemTest64 is a modern, lightweight program with a graphical user interface that is very capable of testing random memory for a variety of errors. It uses a number of intensive RAM test patterns and pushes all applications running. run to a foreign exchange file to free memory. Although the resistance tests are not as complex as MemTest86 or Karhu's tool, they can certainly detect faulty hardware or defective memory sectors. Also, MemTest64 can synchronize the speed of the DRAM and your frequency of overclocking in order to get the most out of RAM performance. At the same time, MemTest64 is a powerful software that you can certainly try.

Check Out MemTest64(Free)

4. Prime95

We first have Prime95 in our list of tools, but it also allows you to evaluate RAM against errors and instability. Prime95 has many modes, butchoose the Blend test to fully test the RAM.If you have a certain level of expertise on this topic, you can choose Custom and set the parameters yourself.However, my recommendation would be to check the box on the spot, to define a range from 448K to 4096K and to allocate at least 70 % of the RAM.This will surely torture your RAM at the edge of the sinkhole and find errors, if any, during the process. Please run the test for at least 2 hours to correctly evaluate the RAM performance. To conclude , Prime95 is a very powerful software that you can use reliably to examine your RAM.

Discover Prime95(Free)

5. AIDA64 Extreme

If you are not familiar with hardware components and stress tests, AIDA64 Extreme is the best software for testing RAM. It is a simple application that allows you to test your RAM against intensive tasks such as read operations, It also uses multithreaded memory and cache paging to examine RAM bandwidth and latency issues. Apart from that, AIDA64 Extreme deploys several processing tasks, including physical computations. and mathematics, using only RAM. In addition to that,the app also gives you a reference scoreso that you can compare your RAM capacity with other PCs. Overall, AIDA64 Extreme is an excellent application for general users and you should definitely try it.

Discover AIDA64 Extreme(30-day free trial, $ 39.95 for 3 computers)

6. RAM voltage test for Linux

If you are a Linux user, you can use the stressful application test to examine your RAM and other memory devices. The application wasdeveloped by Google and they published this tool under the Apache 2.0 license.This software allows you to increase the random traffic on the memory and I / O components and thus generate a high RAM load. The software can easily be installed via the terminal by executing the following command:sudo apt-get install stressapptest.You can also define your own settings like this:/ stressapptest -s 20 -M 256 -m 8 -W o 256 MB RAM is tested for 20 seconds and with 8 hot copy threads.

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Check your RAM for hardware failures using these stress test programs

So this is our list of the top 6 tools to stress the test RAM. Several times, our PC displays a BSOD screen or crashes suddenly. These types of problems are mainly related to faulty sectors of RAM or inefficiency of I / O. the RAM before repairing the software would therefore be a better way to solve the problem. In addition to this, you can also use the stress test tools to check the stability of your overclocking profiles. In any case, it is all of us.If you found the article informative and that the tools helped you repair your RAM, make a comment below and let us know.

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