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6 best must-have apps for vloggers (Android and iOS)

6 best must-have apps for vloggers (Android and iOS)

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It's time to admit that vloggers' activities have become ubiquitous. We subscribe to people on Instagram, constantly broaden our YouTube subscriptions and follow the lives of others on other social networks. But what's hiding behind everything?

It's as simple as that? In fact, it's really difficult to create a really interesting vlog. You will need something to attract the viewer, to bring something new, so that the person does not deactivate your video in the first minute. These are all the main questions of a vlogger who wants to be interesting. Their resolution is long, but this process can be easily simplified.

All you have to do is choose the right apps, and they will become real assistants in content creation. Since this topic is not well known to ordinary people, we suggest you get to know the world of vlogs better. There are 7 of the most important apps for exploring the world of vlogging.

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6 best must-have apps for vloggers (Android and iOS)

YouTube Studio

Well, what other app could we have started with? We think YouTube Studio is the best way to talk about vlogs.All popular vloggers and personalities post their videos on YouTube, since this is video hosting the more popular among existing ones. This app is brought to you by official developers – and they know exactly what their service needs.

You can now work on designing your chain, even on the go. In YouTube Studio, you can also get statistics – almost the same as in the full version of the service. You can also edit titles, covers, descriptions and many other details of your videos.

Edit videos directly from your smartphone – YouTube knows more than anyone else what its users need. Stay online anywhere in the world – your subscribers will be waiting for updates if you are interested in your design and your light covers. no longer disappoint them with your vlogs!


clips clips

As a vlogger, if you are new to your career, you will love the Clips app. It is perfect for those who are not familiar with the technical aspects of video and do not want to be overloaded with this information. is not a professional tool for creating vlogs, but if you want to have fun or simply diversify your content, the clips will be really perfect for you.

You won't find any timeline settings, professional tools, or anything like that in the app. On the other hand, it allows you to edit real-time videos, either by deleting unwanted fragments or shortening their total duration. .

All captions, text inserts and even animated elements can be inserted on the go, without having to worry about long editing. The Clips catalog also includes standard music, but you can also download your own application in the application.

In addition to video, you can also add a little life to your photos in the app. For example, you can add Disney and Pixar cartoon characters to them – they will appear in the picture next to you. advanced, there is a TrueDepth shooting function. Everything will really happen around you, and the dynamic will be 360 ​​degrees.

Vlogit – A free video editor designed for Vloggers

It is clear from the name that the application is designed specifically for vloggers. In the application, you can both film clips and edit the finished material.

You do not need to store the source files in your social networks – the application supports importing files from Facebook and Instagram.The most important thing is that even after the changes you will not lose quality The interface itself supports many languages ​​- German, Japanese, Turkish and many more.

You may need to create a wallpaper for your video. Stickers and animated templates can help. To get attention, VlogIt has introduced special stickers that will surely win the hearts of your viewers. Fun sound inserts are also provided – they will bring a little humor to your serious vlogs.

The app is also suitable for people used to working with professional instruments. Vlogit has a range of tools – photo and video fusion, time cutting, voiceover and audio tracks that can be downloaded separately. video that you can watch right away, so you don't miss anything and quickly fix it.

FxGuru: Movie FX Director

FxGuru: Movie FX Director FxGuru: Movie FX Director

Sometimes it's not enough to edit the video beautifully. You have to make it special – and not just as the frame. Have you ever wondered if you could reproduce the special effects that professionals use in movies yourself? ? If so, we are ready to please you: FxGuru offers you this opportunity.

Your vlog will be much more interesting if you add action and movement to it. You can use effects of different genres – from horror movies you get ghosts and zombies, disasters, as well as animals and thematic effects for the holidays.

In fact, you will easily master FxGuru. In the app, you can crop your file in seconds and start editing it immediately. If you really want to enhance your video among thousands of others – this app is the best option for you.

Each effect is done separately and to find the right one, you have to scroll through all the menus. The dynamic effects are applied in the following way: you choose the one that is necessary, and the application offers to place it in the right sector. video. While you're saying, watch what you're getting, so you can get the most out of your Hollywood effects.

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iMovie iMovie

We think iMovie is one of the most famous video editors. It is designed to work on iOS and can create really entertaining clips for you. Want to get real Hollywood style video? Maybe you want to create trailer for your channel? Then you must use iMovie!

There are a total of 14 models for the most popular Hollywood trailers in the app, which you can use right away. You can also apply one of 10 special filters. If you apply video effects – such as slowdown or acceleration, the program automatically improves the quality of the file.

If you are using an iPad, you can connect a virtual keyboard to it. IMovie supports all quick keystrokes to help you edit videos even faster. Since the connection requires your voice assistance, you will be able to express all of the video directly in the application.

In order not to accidentally lose or delete the result of your work, you can download the file to the cloud or send it to your other Apple device. IMovie even supports downloading in 1080 and 4K formats on YouTube. This high quality is available on the iPhone 6 and later models, but even if you have an older smartphone, you can still use many features.

Thumbnail Maker –Thumbnail creator

Thumbnail Maker Thumbnail Maker

Just remove the video and edit it. To upload videos to YouTube or another video platform, you need to create a cover. The image on the cover should interest the viewer so they want to watch your video.

YouTube channels, for example, also have their own title, banner, and cover template. When someone comes to your channel, they see it. We think you understand their importance!

Thumbnail Maker is ready to help you. It’s a great application that will allow you to easily create the graphic part of the chain. Some people order it from professional designers, wait a while and give you a lot of money.

Time and money are one of the most important parts of our life and our work. If you do everything yourself, it will be a guarantee that you will get exactly what you wanted as a result.

Thumbnail Maker has a fairly simple and intuitive interface. A good bonus will be the presence of templates that will help you start working on your chain. In addition to the chain design, you will be able to create covers for each of your own logos.

The variety of fonts, colors and stickers will help you make your video truly original, and the public attention will immediately be drawn. What other doubts can there be about the superiority of Thumbnail Maker?

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