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6 apps to enhance your WhatsApp experience

6 apps to enhance your WhatsApp experience

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WhatsApp, the instant messaging platformbelongingnow Facebook has become one of the main sources of contact with friends and family. The application has over a billion users worldwide, which is why we thought we would bring you a list of applications Android that would improve your WhatsApp experience. So here are 6 apps that should improve your WhatsApp experience:

6 apps to enhance your WhatsApp experience

1. Square Pic

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You should know that WhatsApp needs the image to be atsquare formatto define the profile picture. Often, the images we upload should be trimmed in the most essential parts, which results in less attractive images. To solve this problem, there is an app called Square Pic whichallows you to edit your image in square format.

The app also offers many additional features, such as setting background colors, adjusting blur intensity, adding Snapchat-style text, setting borders, and even applying filters. Check out the app and never compromise on your profile photos again.

TlchargerSquare Pic (Free)

2. Status Saver

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We all have this friend who shows great videos in their WhatsApp status. If we ask them to send them, they will act as if they had created the video. someone simply because you loved this cute cat video. Well, not anymore. You don't have to call your most talented friends to get their exceptional status. With Status Saver, you can simplydownload any image or video thatyour contacts have been downloaded to WhatsApp Status.

The app contains ads that can be removed by a single in-app purchase of Rs.150. Consult Status Saver from the link indicated below.

TlchargezStatus Saver (Free and in-app purchases)

3. Sticker Maker

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With the use of more and more popular stickers, you will certainly not want to miss all the pleasure of sending personalized stickers. That’s why we’ve added Sticker Maker to the list.

The application allows you tocreate custom stickers from your own images. If you need detailed instructions to create your own sticker, don't hesitate to consult our guideright hereOtherwise, you can check the image below to quickly understand how the application works.

TlchargerSticker Maker (Free)

4. SKEDit

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No one wants to miss sending their birthday greetings to loved ones. But if you are early in the morning, staying up late until 12 noon will not work just for you and the chances of falling asleep are greater. Don't worry, there is a application called SKEDit which allows you toschedule messages at a time of your choiceThe application will automatically send messages at the scheduled time and it will work fine.

Bonus tip: you can program something like: Sorry my dear, my eyes get tired to the point that I can't even read what you just sent even if I really want to, let's catch up tomorrow like a message after 5 minutes . stop responding if the person sent you a message, however, be warned that you should only use it if you are absolutely sure that the person is awake at that time or is about to turn around.

The app also has many more use cases, like reminding someone to take their medications, periodically checking friends and family, and much more. The possibilities are endless and we recommend that you check out the app. However, there is a catch.deactivate your screen lock so that the application works when the screen is tinted.If you agree to make this compromise, it is a must-have application.

TlchargerSKEDit (free)

5. Transcriber

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Listening to audio messages with no cost is one of the worst things you can do, as audio messages are simply indescribable these days. Transcriber, as the name suggests, allows you to transcribeaudio messages in text formatso that you don’t read the content in dangerous situations.

All you have to do is hold down the audio message and share it with the transcriptionist. In case you are wondering, the app works perfectly with transfr audio files. It also supports a lot of languages for the release and it worked well because I tried it on a few languages. The app offers ads, but you can remove them by making an in-app purchase of RS.65.

TlchargerTranscriber (Free purchases and integrated application)

6. Message Portal

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Have you ever wantedread deleted messagesWhatsApp? With Message Portal, you can read all notifications in one place. Since the deleted message would also have been notified once, it is kept in the app, which is pretty cool The application can also serve as a control center for all your notifications.

Download itmessage portal (free)

So here are our top 6 apps that improve your overall experience in WhatsApp. Do you have similar suggestions? Tell us in the comments section.

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