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5G should not arrive on iPhone until… 2020!

Apple lagging behind? While Samsung announced, on Wednesday, February 20, a 5G version of its famous Galaxy S10, the apple brand, meanwhile, should only allow 5G from its iPhone in 2020. At least that reveals Intel at Reuters.

Faced with Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus or LG, how can the Cupertino company stay stuck in the face of 5G this year? According to Intel, the first iPhone integrating a modem compatible with the 5G standard will arrive in 2020, and not before. This information stems from the fact that Apple sources exclusively from Intel to produce its network chips.

iPhone XI concept - 5G should not arrive on iPhone until ... 2020!

5G promises to be tens of times faster than already effective 4G. If, faced with its competitors, the late adoption of 5G remains a disadvantage, French consumers should not really be affected by this decision.

Indeed, 5G should not be launched in France until 2020, and not before. So if you are the type who regularly changes apple phones, this is probably not a problem. On the other hand, if you keep your smartphone a minimum of 4 years, as World is Small indicated a few days ago, it can quickly become problematic…