Meilleures offres forfaits mobiles 5G

5G mobile plan: what are the best deals at the moment

At the start of 2021, some French mobile operators are starting to offer offers on 5G mobile plans. B & You launched the hostilities with a 130 GB package at € 24.99, followed by Red by SFR and its 130 GB package at € 25 and finally Free Mobile which has upgraded its special 100 GB series to € 19.99 in a package 150 GB in 5G at the same price. We take stock of the best 5G mobile plans of the moment.

Best 5G mobile plan offers

150 GB Free Mobile 5G plan at € 19.99

The Free Mobile 100 GB package gives way to a Free 5G package with 150 GB of internet and 25 GB of internet abroad, all for only € 19.99. The offer is valid for all new subscriptions, and is reserved for people who have not subscribed to the Free Package in the 30 days preceding this subscription.

Freebox subscribers benefit from a reduction of € 4, thus increasing the price of the package to € 15.99, those subscribing to Freebox Pop from a reduction of € 10 bringing it down to € 9.99 with unlimited internet.

Among the services included, we find unlimited calls to mobiles and landlines in metropolitan France, USA, Canada, China, DOM and to landlines in 100 destinations. Unlimited SMS / MMS are also included. Regarding the internet envelope, we are entitled to 150 GB in 5G / 4G + in metropolitan France (reduced speed beyond) as well as 25 GB per month from more than 70 destinations but also unlimited calls, SMS, MMS from Europe, DOM , USA, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Israel.

This package offers several advantages such as: ultra fast speed which is up to 3 times faster than 4G. Secure connectivity thanks to intelligent technology for a stable connection even when busy. More responsible: transports up to 10 times more data while consuming less energy. Extensive coverage since nearly 40% of the population is already covered by 5G in France. A 100% Free offer: 5G included at no additional cost in the Free Package and finally, without commitment.

130 GB B & You 5G plan at € 24.99

Through its B & You brand, the operator Bouygues Telecom offers a B & You 5G mobile plan of 130 GB at € 24.99 per month. While it was originally offered until January 5, the operator is extending its offer until January 21, 2021. In addition to having a rate that does not increase even after the first year, this package is also non-binding and therefore leaves you free to terminate at any time, without additional costs if you wish to turn to another offer.

Among the services included in the B & You 5G package, we find an envelope of 130 GB of mobile Internet in 4G / 5G in mainland France, of which 15 GB can be used in Europe / DOM. Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS also from and to metropolitan France / DOM.

In addition, you have as a bonus, 3 months subscription to the Spotify Premium music streaming service. Finally, the triple-cut SIM card compatible with all mobiles is charged 10 euros. It will be sent to you by post once your subscription is finalized.

5G Red by SFR 130 Go package at 25 €

We are finishing our selection of the best 5G mobile plans of the moment with Red by SFR. He proposes until January 26, 2021 its 5G Red by SFR 130 GB package at 25 €. Without commitment, it also has the advantage of having a price that does not increase, even after the first year.

Like the B & You offer, the 5G Red by SFR package also includes 130 GB of internet, a 13 GB envelope that can be used from the European Union, and overseas departments as well as unlimited calls, SMS / MMS. B & You also offers 15 GB usable in Europe / DOM, or 2 GB more than Red by SFR. Beyond the promotion deadline (December 21) the price of the package will increase to € 30 per month. You might as well enjoy it while there is still time.

If you consume the 130 GB envelope, you can top up 50 GB billed at € 10, non-renewable during the billing month and valid only in mainland France. Finally, you need 10 euros for the SIM card. It will be sent to you by post a few days after the finalization of your subscription.

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