5G: iPhone 12 is number 1 in sales in October, ahead of Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

The iPhone 12 became number 1 in sales in October 2020 in the 5G market, as evidenced by figures from the analysis firm Couternpoint. A great performance, achieved just two weeks after the official launch of Apple’s latest flagship.

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Credit: Apple

The iPhone 12 became number 1 in sales in October 2020 in the 5G smartphone market. In any case, this is what data from the analysis firm Counterpoint Research reveals. An honorable performance, especially since it was achieved in just two weeks after the device’s official launch.

A short window of fire was therefore enough for Apple to seize the first place in the market for 5G compatible smartphones, with 16% market share at the meter. The second place is occupied by another device of this new generation of iPhone, namely the iPhone 12 Pro with 8% market share. Samsung’s Galaxy Note Ultra 5G is relegated to the third step of the podium, with 4% market share.

Samsung’s reign of 5G ends

Until the release of the iPhone 12, it was the Seoul firm that reigned supreme in the 5G smartphone market. Indeed, the Galaxy S20 + remained the best-selling 5G smartphone during the first half of 2020, according to data from Strategy Analytics.

However, many expert firms had announced that this reign was to end with the arrival of the iPhone 12, and they did get it right. At the same time, Counterpoint specifies that the excellent sales of the iPhone 12 have enabled it to enter the Top 10 best-selling 5G smartphones in 2020. The latest addition to the Cupertino company currently occupies the seventh position.

galaxy note 20 ultra
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra / Credits: Phonandroid

For the analysis firm, these good figures are explained by a strong desire of consumers (especially Americans) to equip themselves with 5G smartphones, all coupled with aggressive promotions from US operators. Demand was also extremely strong in China and Japan, while the wide availability of the iPhone 12 in more than 140 countries played a significant role in this excellent start.

As a reminder, the iPhone 12 has recently been compatible with 5G from Orange, Free, SFR and Bouygues in France thanks to an iOS update. Until then, it was impossible to take advantage of the French 5G network on iPhone 12. Apple and operators had fallen behind in sending the various operator settings.

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Credit: Counterpoint Research

Source: Apple Insider