5G: Free accused of “unfair practices” in its advertisements

The 5G Free could not really multiply the flow rates given the frequencies available to the operator. This does not prevent it from thus presenting the merits of its new network. A consumer association files a complaint for “unfair commercial practices”.

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5G technology is confusing from the start. The operators have beautiful present technology as progress praising his advantages in terms of throughput and latency, the truth is that all 5G are not the sames. The lower the frequency, the greater the possible coverage per antenna – the waves also penetrate buildings better. But this is done at the expense of speed.

Conversely, the higher the frequencies, the higher the bit rates and the lower latency are there. But it is necessary to multiply the number of antennas to benefit from a correct coverage. In addition, no operator currently has an mmWave network, the famous millimeter waves which are the only ones to really unlock the full potential of 5G. It is therefore with these elements that we learn that Free is targeted by a complaint by the consumer association Rural Families for “unfair commercial practices”.

The association criticizes Free for its communication around 5G which, according to her, makes you hope “a performance gain that not all 5G frequencies are able to offer today“. However, this way of presenting things ” does not allow consumers to understand that all 5G are not equal, that each has its own specificities that have an impact on speeds, latency or penetrability within buildings “.

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The association asks the government to regulate advertising on 5G. And drives the point home: ” Free cannot say that it will multiply the speed of the flow given the coverage for which it has opted “. The 5G Free network is essentially made up of antennas in low frequency 700 MHz. This allows it to provide better coverage than its competitors. Free offers a 5G plan with 150 GB of data, unlimited calls / SMS and 25 GB of data from abroad for € 19.99 per month or € 15.99 for Freebox subscribers.

Source: Le Figaro