5G: find the list of 120 cities in France covered by SFR in December 2020

SFR subscribers in 120 municipalities will be able to benefit from 5G from next month. Bordeaux, Marseille-Aix, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice and Paris are part of the list of the lucky ones, in addition to the surrounding towns. The firm has already revealed the amount of its corresponding packages, based on Orange prices, while other operators are also preparing to activate their antennas.


5G is coming very soon. SFR has announced that its branches will be open in no less than 120 municipalities in the next month. Without promising a precise date, we nevertheless know the names of the agglomerations concerned: Bordeaux, Marseille-Aix, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice and Paris. Note that some cities have asked to delay the deployment of the network in order to take the temperature of their inhabitants.

Paris, in particular, is organizing a citizens’ conference with a view to drawing up a ” mobile phone charter ” aiming to “reduce exposure to electromagnetic waves“. The activation of 5G is indeed the subject of much debate in the political and public sphere. As for the level of coverage, no data has been specified by SFR, but the map of the first antennas authorized by the ANFR provides a global view. In the meantime, you can find the full list below:

City list 5G SFR

City list 5G SFR

SFR has already unveiled the prices of its 5G packages

For now, the 4 5G packages launched by SFR only work in Nice. From 40 € / month, subscribers from Nice and soon elsewhere can benefit from a“Theoretical maximum speed greater than 1 Gbit / s”provided by the operator. Prices go up to 95 € / month, like Orange, which has also unveiled its offers, including an unlimited one. Bouygues Telecom plans extend from 17 € to 45 €, up to 120 GB of data.

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Orange has also promised to open its branches by the end of 2020. As of December 3, 15 cities in France will be covered by its network and will be reached by 150 other municipalities before next year. As for Bouygues Telecom, we only know that its antennas will be activated tomorrow. For now, only Free has not yet unveiled 5G packages or a deployment date.