5G: Bordeaux wants to measure exposure to waves by installing sensors

The ANFR, in partnership with the municipality of Bordeaux, has installed several sensors in the city to measure the evolution of public exposure to electromagnetic waves, in anticipation of the launch of 5G. The Gironde capital is the 4th French city to be equipped with these probes.

burgundy 5g
City of Bordeaux / Credits: Pixabay

While 5G has been officially launched in France since November 18, 2020, the new generation of mobile network still raises apprehensions, fears and doubts among some elected officials and many users. Several mayors have not hesitated to voluntarily slow down the deployment of 5G in their city, this is particularly the case in Rennes.

Faced with this mistrust, the government announced in early October 2020 that it wanted to strengthen controls around 5G and exposure to waves, with the support of ANFR, the national frequency agency. Now on this Tuesday, December 22, 2020, ANFR has just announced the establishment of three measurement sensors in Bordeaux.

About ten measurements per day

These probes will be used to monitor the evolution of public exposure to electromagnetic waves, in anticipation of the upcoming launch of 5G in the city of Gironde. These broadband sensors, manufactured by the EXEM laboratory, will measure “ten times a day the exposure of waves emitted by all equipment in the bands ranging from 80 MHz to 6 GHz ”, specifies the ANFR on its official website.

This range of waves covers FM radio, digital terrestrial TV, Wi-Fi, and all mobile telephony technologies, including 5G. According to the details of the ANFR, these sensors have been installed since December 8, 2020 in extremely busy places in the city, all at less than 100 meters from a 5G telecom antenna which should be activated shortly.

Measurements will be carried out periodically, over a period of 6 minutes, at different times of the day and night. In order to detect fluctuations in exposure, these sensors measure exposure levels approximately every two hours. As of today, these values ​​will be the subject of a publication in real time in the Observatoire des Ondes, which can be consulted on the ANFR website ”, concludes the authority.

As a reminder, the ANFR recently published the map of the first 5G antennas authorized to transmit. At present, more than 15,000 antennas have received authorization to transmit in 5G in France.

Source: ANFR