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5G: Apple wants to buy part of Intel to create its own modems!

The modem crisis at Apple is not ready to end. While the race for 5G pushes manufacturers to obtain a modem from approved suppliers, the apple brand would have decided to create its own components, in order to avoid going to see Qualcomm for example, with whom the Californian firm has been mired in numerous lawsuits for many months.

Apple, which already produces its own processors, would ideally like to be completely independent. In the ruthless world of smartphones, creating your own 5G modem would take Apple years. According to information from… The Information, an agreement is about to be reached between Intel and the Cupertino company. The latter would like to buy a branch of Intel, called Infineon, to produce its own modems. Infineon, a German company, supplied the first iPhone as a modem. As Apple turned to Qualcomm, Infineon was bought by Intel. And the concern is that Intel cannot, or does not want to, provide an Apple 5G modem. This prompts the manufacturer to take an interest in Infineon.

Negotiations are therefore under way. The apple brand, with this acquisition, could kill two birds with one stone: finally having its own modem branch, which would greatly facilitate its business in terms of design and construction of mobile phones, but also give serious boost to the actions of the Apple group. Falling for some time, especially due to poor sales at the end of last year, its share price could make a huge jump because Intel is a big player in the tech world. Enough to give some ideas to the trickiest of us.

Especially since in the phone market, Huawei has become number one worldwide in terms of sales. With such a takeover, Apple could place itself in pole position in the race for technology. To have !