58 colors for AirPods in matt, shiny or glittery!

58 colors for AirPods in matt, shiny or glittery!

airpods apple iphone ipadApple AirPods are white and only white. After, we had seen the BlackPods transformed by a third company but it is nothing compared to ColorWare which offers 58 colors for Apple's wireless headphones.

You can choose from the wide palette of colors for each element: AirPod left, AirPod right and case. It may sound crazy, but I'm sure there is an audience for it; especially as the finish can be selected from three options: matte, shiny or glitter.

The price of Airpods colors?

On the other hand, it will take $ 99 for the pair of colored headphones (by sending yours), $ 30 to paint the case or $ 249 to buy them already painted.

Who wants some ? Pink, yellow, red, blue, green, brown, other?

For the moment this service is exclusive to the USA and stocks are limited.

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