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51% of Americans have Apple products at home

51% of Americans have Apple products at home

CNBC study shows Americans are very fond of Apple products. 51% of the public would have at least one apple brand device at home, which would still represent more than 55 million homes in the United States.

According to a study by CNBC, Apple is deeply rooted in the American context. Every household in the country has 1.6 products from the Cupertino company and 25% of them plan to buy a new iDevice this year. Logically enough, the study also reveals that iDevice owners are generally people with higher incomes and people who are rather young and active. Given the price of the products, it is not surprising. What is more surprising, however, is that parents (61%) are more likely to have an Apple device than couples without children (48%). Anyway, the study proves in any case that Apple keeps whatever happens a standard reservoir of potential customers in the country of Uncle Sam.

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The results of the CNBC survey: