50,000 iPads offered to students in Glasgow

50,000 iPads offered to students in Glasgow

ipad classic iconApple does not hide the fact that one of its primary ambitions is to revolutionize education, particularly through its products, services and partnerships.

A new example has just ended, following a handshake between Glasgow City Council and Canadian company CGI. A signed program between the two parties of 300 million British pounds over seven years will allow the arrival of activities and services.

Part of this partnership will enable more than 50,000 students to benefit from an iPad for learning purposes.

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A partnership of 300 million British pounds

Thus, students aged 9 to 18 will have their own tablet throughout their studies, while between 4 and 8 years, they will share iPad.

Of course, it will not be possible for students to do anything and everything: social networks and inappropriate sites will be blocked to ensure the proper use of the device.

Glasgow City Council will be able to handle iPads, blocking them away if needed. Chris Cunningham, Glasgow City Councilor:

This is Apple's largest educational initiative in Europe and I am delighted that Glasgow is once again leading the way in innovative practices.