5 ways mobile phone technology has changed the world

About 5 billion of the world’s population own a mobile phone. However, the question is, do they know how phones have transformed the world? Mobile technology has done a great job that you cannot imagine!

Now imagine the world without a defined means of communication. Every instance of life can be delayed. A century ago, communication was indigenous, and messengers were sent for different races, which were most often unsuccessful or delayed by natural calamities. This article thus explores the various ways in which mobile technology has made the world a better place.

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1. Survey and polls

International developments rely heavily on data. The survey app, for example, uses Android devices with both offline and online functionality. International survey companies can easily take data on rural communities without visiting the target area directly. For example, the Formhub tool allows data analysis and investigation within minutes provided that the Android mobile device used is in a stable state.

A mobile vital registration system developed to record death and birth numbers in developing countries has worked well to provide survey data. MVRS is a pilot technology whereby a person is supposed to register a death or birth by dialing a number followed by a digital pin to give a serial number. Here, registration is done at the individual level and is provided in a register that can be accessed and analyzed as quickly as possible.

2. Bank

The mobile market has experienced overwhelming growth. You don’t have to go through bank ques to access your funds. Mobile banking has improved the process of withdrawing and depositing funds into your account.

Now you can access your bank balances or send money to a customer from the comfort of your home or office without contacting the bank directly. Additionally, if you are unsure of your finances, you can grab your phone to make a phone call or email the branch manager to inquire about your transactions.

3. Education

Mobile technology has changed the face of learning from one-on-one teaching to learning how to communicate by mobile phone. Teachers can now assign homework assignments to their students through college portals that students can access through their phones.

Mobile technology has made distance learning possible. African students can now enroll in an American college and take their notes through the e-learning portal accessible via their phone.

In addition, the use of cell phones has gained popularity among students as an excellent research tool. Students can conduct in-depth research for their underlying dissertation research using their phone and compose an excellent “my homework” with well-documented evidence regarding the topic.

4. Agriculture

Mobile technology is a transformative rural agricultural tool. Farmers can now log into a site to view commodity prices before setting foot a long distance to purchase a farm input. In addition, the technology enables advance communication and negotiations between farmers and traders on the timing of the harvest before it is ready for market.

Cell phones are now used to monitor livestock reproduction. ICow is a program that allows farmers to track the gestation period of their livestock through a mobile app provided they are registered. They keep a close eye on the record to make sure they don’t miss out on any breeding opportunities aimed at expanding their herds.

The m-farm mobile app helps farmers track livestock market prices, feed type, veterinary information and timing.

5. Business

The world has seen an extremely positive change brought about by the introduction of smartphone technology. The way we do business has changed a lot. In case you need to travel out of town and need to delegate control of the company to the second in command, all you need is a smartphone and an internet device.

You can use a host application to connect to the company website and track events in your company while you are away.

No more waiting. Mobile technology has successfully changed the individual purchase of products to home delivery. Now we can connect to a company’s website to place an order for goods, make payment and shortly after delivery will be completed.

Mobile technology makes the world more convenient and better. Human life is now healthier than before, as communication and interaction have been taken to a whole new level by the introduction of mobile phone technology. Mobile innovations dedicate its technology to improve every aspect of human life to a more advanced level than in the past.