5 tips to increase the autonomy of your Android smartwatch

5 tips to increase the autonomy of your Android smartwatch

If you're one of the people who owns an Android Wear watch, you must already know that these smart wristbands do not last the day. This is even more the case if you use your watch heavily. To reduce the worry, here are some tips to increase the autonomy of your favorite accessory.

1. Block / manage app notifications

Notifications help reduce the autonomy of your smartwatch. While some are essential to fully enjoy the experience of a connected watch, some apps can harass you with notifications that become intrusive. Fortunately, Android Wear allows you to manage notifications. Call Block applications, this manager will allow you to add and / or delete applications, and thus block their notifications.

androidpit smartwatch battery tip 1
Block / manage app notifications on Android Wear. AndroidPIT

To manage authorized or unauthorized applications, simply:

  • launch the Android Wear app on the smartphone
  • click on the parameter wheel at the top right, next to the three small dots
  • open the Block apps notifications option

2. Disable automatic lighting management

Like all other mobile operating systems, there is an option that can automatically manage brightness according to the environment in which you are. Far from being useful to everyone, this option is called nergivore since it often questions, if not all the time the sensor of brightness in order to know the surrounding brightness to adjust the lighting of the screen.

androidpit smartwatch battery tip 2
Turn off automatic brightness management on Android Wear. AndroidPIT

To disable automatic light management, simply:

  • enter the applications menu
  • open the watch settings
  • then go to Adjust Brightness

From there, you will be able to choose the lighting strength of the screen (between several levels – ranging from 1 to 5), but we advise you – if that does not suit you – to disable the Auto option. If you are in a less clear environment, there is an option to quickly lower the brightness of the screen in the notification bar. To access it, pull the top panel down and scroll the screen twice to the right. Also be aware that the application Wear Mini Launcher is also very good job. It is available for free on Google Play.

androidpit smartwatch battery tip 3
Here is the solution to quickly manage the brightness in Android Wear. AndroidPIT

3. Activate Cinma mode

As its name suggests, the Cinma mode will allow you to be no longer drang by the watch. For that, the smartwatch will put itself in a mode of semi-hibernation which will dye the screen. It can only be turned back from the power button. Once woken by the power button, the option turns off like a big one.

androidpit smartwatch battery tip 4
Activate the Cinma mode to avoid being drunk and gaining autonomy. AndroidPIT

To activate it, simply:

  • pull the panel from top to bottom
  • click on the watch icon

Starting from the fact that the watch remains dyed during this period of hibernation, the autonomy of your watch will be better. Useful during a movie session, as its name indicates so well or at a meeting or you do not want to be alerted by your watch every 30 seconds. Try it and tell us.

4. Limit connectivity

Limit WiFi, NFC connections or localization also saves battery. In itself, this will allow you to moderate the unwanted search of the watch for each connection.

androidpit smartwatch battery tip 6
Disabling localization can help you gain energy. AndroidPIT

To disable this option, simply:

  • enter the applications menu
  • open the watch settings
  • click on the connectivity menu

5. Disable wrist movements

Disabling wrist movements can also help increase the battery life of the smartwatch. Wrist movements allows you to scroll through Google Now cards. For this, the function in question will interrogate the motion sensor and as you can imagine, it requires resources and therefore the battery.

androidpit smartwatch battery tip 5
Do not use the "Wrist Movement" function? Dsactivez-l. AndroidPIT

To disable this option, you can proceed as before:

  • pull the right drawer on the watch
  • open the watch settings
  • then go down to Wrist Movements to deactivate it

Observe the effects

For those who really want to compare what each option consumes, it is also possible to have the stranglehold on energy consumption in detail from the Android Wear app installed on the mobile.

androidpit smartwatch battery tip 7
.The Android Wear app is full of ideas. AndroidPIT

For that, it is enough to:

  • launch the Android Wear app on the smartphone
  • click on the parameter wheel at the top right, next to the three small dots
  • open the menu that bears the name of the watch
  • navigate to Watch Battery option

After a short loading, you will have a detailed view of the energy consumption of your watch. Below this option, you can also check the remaining storage space in the watch. Useful, especially if you like to store local music on the latter or various compatible / exploitable contents.

Do you have other tips?

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