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5 tips to charge your iPhone faster

5 tips to charge your iPhone faster

If the iPhone is not yet equipped with a fast charging system, it is possible to improve the charging speed of your iPhone by following certain tips & tricks …

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Put your iPhone in airplane mode, or in low consumption

You don't necessarily think about it, but putting your iPhone in airplane mode allows you to charge it much faster since the consumption of the mobile is naturally lower when WiFi, Bluetooth and 4G are off. Of course, it's not always possible to put your iPhone in airplane mode. However it is possible to do it at least switch to low consumption.

Turn off your smartphone

More radical, you will charge your iPhone even faster by completely cutting it off. As a result, mobile apps, the operating system that runs continuously – even when the screen is turned off – represent as many energy needs for the device, which directly impact the charging speed of the smartphone. If you don't expect an urgent phone call and need to quickly charge your smartphone, the best solution is to switch off your device and let it charge quietly in your corner …

Place it out of direct sunlight

Ambient temperature and exposure to the sun affect the performance of your smartphone. In summer, it is best to let your smartphone charge the shade. The warmer the device, the slower it will recharge. Knowing that charging already heats the battery, it is best to avoid overheating the device …

Invest in a good charger

Avoid at all costs the counterfeit chargers and inexpensive charging cables that you will find on the Internet. Not all cables are created equal. The same goes for emergency chargers. Please also do not use the charger of another device. So if the iPad charger theoretically allows you to charge your iPhone faster, using it regularly may affect the life expectancy of your battery …

Connect your smartphone to a wall outlet

To charge your iPhone as quickly as possible, opt for the wall sockets (5 watts) instead of the USB ports on your computer (2.5 watts) or your backup battery. You will charge your iPhone much faster this way.