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5 tips for equipping yourself with video editing (sponsorship)

Edit photos, create scripts, edit videos … These tasks are traditionally devolved to the desktop PC and require a lot of power. But new generations of laptops now allow you to tackle them in comfort wherever you are. Here are 5 practical tips to keep in mind before buying a PC for an optimal video editing experience.

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Image 1: 5 tips to equip yourself well with video editing (sponsorship)

Screen is essential

For video editing, it is important to opt for a computer with at least a Full HD panel, even on a 13-inch ultra-mobile device. This is the case, for example, of the “2 in 1” Dell Inspiron 5378 and Inspiron 5379, the very complete Dell Inspiron 7370 or the super light Dell XPS 13. Some people would prefer to sacrifice a little mobility to enjoy a 17 inch screen Full HD offering better immersion by its larger dimensions, like the Dell Inspiron 5770 or the amazing 17-inch convertible from Dell, the Inspiron 7773 which turns into a mega tablet by rotating the screen. have to assemble films for professional purposes, it is better to opt for a 4K screen. Such an “ultra high definition” resolution does not, however, mean giving up your ultra mobility. Impressive in precision and realism, the screen of the new and super powerful Dell Inspiron 7570 is both 4K and touchscreen, and this PC remains under 2 kg. The sublime and ultra-thin Dell XPS 15 9560 also benefits from a stunning 4K InfinityEdge touch screen.

Combine speed and capacity

Video editing often requires juggling multiple windows and having a very responsive PC for any occasion. It is therefore essential to equip your PC with an SSD disk for real working comfort. But this activity also requires a lot of storage space, Full HD video and even more 4K video being extremely greedy in storage. It is obviously always possible to associate an external USB 3.0 disk of large capacity but such an addition tends to affect the mobility of your PC.

The solution is therefore to opt for one of the new ultraportables which, thanks to the magic of the “M2 format”, can carry, without harming their finesse or their weight, both an ultra-fast SSD disk and a capacitive hard disk. We find such an alliance between performance and capacity on certain configurations of the new Dell 15 inch Inspiron 5570 and Inspiron 7570 as well as on certain 17 inch configuration such as the Dell Inspiron 5770 or the “2-in-1” Inspiron 7773.

Image 2: 5 tips for getting well equipped in video editing (sponsorship)

All the power of Intel 8Th Gen processors for your montages

This generation also stands out with a much lower energy consumption: not only are your PCs significantly more autonomous (up to 10 hours and 29 minutes of autonomy on the new Inspiron 15 Serie 5000 for example), but they are also much quieter , an undeniable asset for all video professionals. Decoding and, even more, encoding video, especially 4K, requires phenomenal power beyond the reach of the vast majority of laptops just three or four years old. years. The acceleration of 4K video processing is one of the major benefits of the latest generation of Intel® Core ™ i5 and i8 processors. Image 3: 5 tips to equip yourself well with video editing (sponsorship)Take on any challenge with the most powerful of Intel® Core ™ i7 processors

For greater comfort, think of the external screen

Fortunately, we are not always in a mobility situation to carry out our video work. It is always a good idea to be able to finalize and refine an assembly that sits well behind your desk. The power of new laptops has nothing to envy to PC towers. However, do not hesitate to connect one or even two external screens to it for truly optimal working comfort. Nothing’s easier. The new Dell Inspiron 5000 and 7000 are equipped not only with an HDMI output but also with a USB-Type C output also capable of accommodating a screen via a DisplayPort or HDMI adapter.

Streaming without a hitch

The quality of your Internet connection has a significant impact on the user experience with video streaming. However, the very design of the PC and in particular of its network connectivity influences the final rendering of the videos broadcast in streaming.

For example, to avoid superfluous buffering times and above all image freezes during the reproduction of a video, Dell was not satisfied to equip these new Inspiron Serie 5000 and Serie 7000 with the latest generation of Wi -Fi (802.11ac), but also implemented SmartByte network optimization technology which gives priority to video streams.

Image 4: 5 tips to equip yourself well with video editing (sponsorship)

Tip: Turn your photos into videosThe new Inspiron, XPS and 2-in-1 laptops from Dell are supplied with the latest Windows 10 update. It incorporates, through its Photo tool, a new feature that allows you to create photo slideshows animated and soundproofed in a few clicks. The final video rendering is professional, the editing and animation of the photos based on artificial technologies.Image 5: 5 tips to equip yourself well with video editing (sponsorship)