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5 tips for buying the ideal student PC (sponsorship)

In portable computing, students have well-defined needs and strong constraints. They are looking for real companions in their daily lives, easy to transport, who are at the same time solid, autonomous, really light, while meeting their high aesthetic expectations (the look is essential) and offering them all the power that the variety of their activities requires.

Because they are frequently connected to the open networks of schools and public places, they also need security without this being binding. Reliability is obviously crucial because they cannot afford to be dropped by their equipment in full presentation or in full defense. And the availability of active support to guide them through complex connections or help them out in a delicate situation is necessarily an undeniable plus.

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Here are 5 tips to select the most suitable PC companion for the requirements and constraints of a student life… Image 1: 5 tips for buying the ideal student PC (sponsorship)

Adopt the flexibility of 2-in-1

When you leave for a full day of lessons, it is important that the PC you take with you is at the same time thin, compact and light. We will therefore preferably adopt 13-inch models like the Dell XPS 13 9360 or the new Dell Inspiron 7370.

However, these laptops are also available in a “2-in-1” version: a convertible format which is particularly practical for students. They are equipped with a touch screen offering a 360 ° rotation in order to adopt the position most suited to your activity. In classic mode to write emails and reports, in stand mode (or easel) to watch a film, in tent mode to exchange ideas with others and view photos, or in tablet mode to view information and browse the web in total friendliness. Dell now offers a whole range of “2 in 1” laptops: the 13 inch Inspiron 5379 and XPS 9365, the 15 inch Inspiron 5579 and even a very immersive 17 inch model, the Inspiron 7773.

Image 2: 5 tips for buying the ideal student PC (sponsorship)

Opt for the autonomy of the Intel Core 8th Gen

By introducing its new eighth generation Intel® Core ™ processors, Intel is making mobile computing a huge leap. The latter offer more performance in all tasks but above all they consume much less energy. As a result, new PCs like the Dell Inspiron 5000 and Inspiron 7000 have extended battery life, extended beyond 10 hours of continuous activity on certain models. But they are also considerably quieter, which is important when doing research in a library for example.

And since being a student doesn’t prevent moments of distraction, Dell also equips some of these models with additional GPU accelerators to boost performance and allow you to enjoy the latest games with excellent fluidity and incredible visual quality. .

Image 3: 5 tips for buying the ideal student PC (sponsorship)

Take on any challenge with the most powerful of Intel® Core ™ i7 processors

Everything for group work

Faculty members are increasingly asking students to work in groups. A work that requires intense and effective collaboration. Technologies like Cloud storage, Office 365, Google Docs, Skype or What’s App simplify this group work by allowing everyone to share documents, modify them simultaneously while chatting in videoconference. However, this requires that the PC has optimal connectivity. This is why Dell is equipping its new customers with “Wi-Fi AC” but also with SmartByte network optimization technology which improves the reproduction of streaming videos avoiding image and sound freezes.

Image 4: 5 tips for buying the ideal student PC (sponsorship)

Take your notes simply

Taking notes during class or at a conference is one of the most common activities for students. But the keyboard is not always the most suitable or the fastest option. To take full advantage of OneNote and the advanced capabilities of its 2-in-1 touch screens, Dell offers an optional active pen designed to draw, write and take notes with precision and responsiveness. Easy to use and configure, it has a practical clip and an autonomy of up to 18 months. Try, it changes your life…

A clever external battery…

The student’s obsession is falling out of battery. Because it is generally impossible to find a power outlet to charge in classrooms. This is why Dell offers for its laptops optional external batteries of very high capacity which allow to restore energy to your PC while also charging your smartphone. A plus, essential!

Image 5: 5 tips for buying the ideal student PC (sponsorship)

With this practical advice in mind, students can configure their ideal PC according to their specific needs and budget by clicking on this link. With Dell, they also benefit from renowned and widely acclaimed optional Premium support to provide them with complete peace of mind during the key phases of their education.

Tip: Take advantage of the universality of Windows 10Many students are led today to discover programming and are therefore often confronted with Open Source development frameworks and tools designed for Linux. The new Dell PCs are supplied with the latest version of Windows 10 which, thanks to the virtualization technologies of the latest Intel® Core ™ processors, allows you to take advantage of different Linux environments at the very heart of a Windows window in order to combine the best of two worlds. No need to mount virtual machines and launch into complex configurations. Ubuntu, openSuse and Fedora are thus directly available from the Windows Store. And it’s free!

Image 6: 5 tips for buying the ideal student PC (sponsorship)