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5 things to activate urgently when using a new smartphone

5 things to activate urgently when using a new smartphone

Using a new smartphone for the first time is often a mixture of impatience and excitement. Everything surprises us, especially if we change manufacturers and discover a new interface which we are not used to. But these surprises can turn to despair, even anger, if these new functions are not our taste. This is why we present here 5 options by default for smartphones to deactivate emergency.

Disable automatic sounds and vibrations

When you discover your new smartphone, there are few things more painful than vibration to the touch. These vibrations and sounds to mimic the response of a physical button are generally quite crisp, and this is the first thing I turn off on a new smartphone. It is, moreover, a bad imitation of the physical behavior of the buttons, and its only use is to waste the battery of the device.

To end the sounds and vibrations of the haptic response:

  • Go to Settings> Sounds> Other sounds
  • Once in this menu, you can turn everything off: keyboard sounds, screen lock sounds, charging sounds, touch sounds, vibration to touch, etc.

Note: If the smartphone is to be used by an elderly person who does not have a sense of touch as good as that of a young person, it is recommended to leave the vibration active so that this person perceives the screen better when touched.

AndroidPIT lenovo moto g5 7116
At first, the smartphone vibrates for everything and anything. AndroidPIT

Disable keyboard vibration at the touch of a button

So you've turned off the haptic response of the system, but then why does the keyboard keep vibrating when you write? In reality, the keyboard is gone. To deactivate its vibrations, we need to go to the parameters of said keyboard, whether it is the default keyboard of the operating system or another application.

  • Go to settings> language and text input> virtual keyboard
  • Choose your keyboard
  • Among the preferences, we will deactivate putting a sound at the touch of a key and vibrate at the touch of a key.
AndroidPIT keyboard fleksy hero 2
You removed all the vibrations, but those of the keyboard continue? AndroidPIT

No more automatic corrector

The automatic corrector is often more painful than useful. Lidal is that he advises us on words without changing what we write. It's so painful to see the proofreader modify our text without asking us for our opinion, just because we pressed the space bar! By default, the automatic corrector is very aggressive, and it is therefore essential to deactivate it from the start in order to prevent it from harming.

To deactivate the corrector, we must follow the following steps:

  • Go to Settings> Languages ​​and enter text> virtual keyboard.
  • Choose the keyboard you are using.
  • In the keyboard settings, select the spell checker option
  • Then deactivate the automatic corrector option

Disable any preinstalled apps you don't use

The majority of manufacturers accumulate their own applications on the internal memory of the smartphones they produce. But it is quite possible that you will never use these services, accumulating unnecessary applications on your smartphone that will use resources for nothing. The manufacturer's applications will want to update, and some of them might even launch in the background without our being aware of them. It is not possible to uninstall them completely (unless you root your smartphone), but we can put them on standby. We have a full article explaining how to disable the preinstalled apps, but here is the short version summarizing the main steps:

  • Go to Settings> Applications.
  • Select the application you want to deactivate (avoid applications that influence the system, such as Google applications or invisible applications in the application drawer).
  • In the application information, you will find a button to deactivate it.
  • Optionally, it is also possible to deactivate notifications linked to this application.
AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 2370
Goodbye to apps you don't use. AndroidPIT

Remove the sound from the boot animation

All smartphones have a small animation when starting the device, and some manufacturers accompany them with music or typical sound. This is not a problem when we are at home, but it can become annoying if we need to restart our device in public.

To deactivate the sound that accompanies the start of the phone and no longer hear, for example, this famous hello motorcycle, you will need to follow several steps:

  • Go to Settings> Sounds
  • According to the manufacturers, we can find an option here to deactivate. For example, on Motorola smartphones, it is called Increase sound, and on Huawei / Honor, startup sound.

For Samsung users, it's not as simple, but there are solutions. For users who do not have their phone root, it is possible to silence the device at startup, or to deactivate all sounds in settings> Accessibility> Hearing. For root users, it is possible to directly delete the audio files at the address: System Etc PowerOn.wav for startup and System Media Audio ui shutdown.ogg for the sound played when your smartphone s 'complexion.

Bonus: change the sound of calls

With the first mobile phones and their polyphonic sounds, we usually spent an entire afternoon deciding which ringtone to use. Nowadays, we don't pay much attention to it, but it is however possible to personalize it as much as possible (even putting our favorite song).

Do not change the ringtone, it is to take the risk of systematically confusing the ringtone of your phone with that of other people with a device from the same manufacturer. This is why I recommend that you change the ringtone, especially if you have an iPhone. Look for a style ringtone.

Is there an option that you systematically deactivate on your new smartphones?

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