5 things that make Android the best mobile operating system

5 things that make Android the best mobile operating system

We certainly preach for our parish, but we must recognize it: Android has a lot of really interesting features. Some of them even make this system the best on the market! We will introduce our 5 prfres.

Smart Lock: the bodyguard rv

The Smart Lock feature is for many indispensable. This is a smart assistant who has the ability to lock and unlock your Android device based on several settings, including your location.

Let's take an example. If you are home and have previously configured your trusted address, your smartphone will not lock, since you are supposed to be in a safe place. When you leave your home (you leave this "zone of confidence"), the device then relocks automatically.

androidpit smart lock
Define your areas of trust. AndroidPIT

Easy file transfer

Since the first version of Google's mobile operating system, transferring files from one device to another is particularly simple unlike other competing systems. If we take Apple's example iOS (installed in the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), the official procedure to transfer files by cable is a real plague because it claims access to the famous proprietary platform like iTunes. Of course, you can go through a wireless alternative (AirDrop), but this is not the subject here.

ultimate features android transfer image files 00
On Android Marshmallow, the management of the USB has evolved and now allows you to connect USB MIDI audio devices. AndroidPIT

On Android, the transfer between the two devices is particularly simple. To do this, you are simply asked to bring a USB cable (compatible with the transfer of data) and an Android smartphone. You will have guessed it! Once in hand, connect your Android a computer and let the magic operate … Finally almost, because, you have to install a small software named Android File Transfer on Mac to take advantage of this feature. Still the fault of Apple for the shot.

Multicounts: the house at work

Whether you're at home with your family, hanging out with friends, or working with your colleagues, one of your acquaintances may be using your Android frequently. In this article dedicated to the ultimate functions of Android, we considered it essential to evoke this possibility. In addition to being able to set up multiple accounts on the same device, Android (from Lollipop's 5.0) also allows you to set up guest accounts.

android how to activate deactivate configure mode invites security lollipop images 01
Here's how to access guest mode from Android Lollipop (5.0+). If you would like more information on the latter, you can discover our tutorial below. AndroidPIT

Android Device Manager: find a lost mobile

You still have your mobile? If it's on Android, you should consider syncing it with the Android Device Manager online platform. Thanks to this service that rakes the whole earth (thanks to Google Maps), you will be able to locate, block and even erase your mobile distance in two phases.

androidpit france tony balt ultimate features android android device manager manager devices android remote image 00
Here are the possibilities of Android Device Manager proposed on the website. AndroidPIT

Google Now on Tap: Smart Search by Context

Android limit Marshmallow for the moment, Google Now on Tap is an intelligent feature that can be put in the context of his host by offering suggestions based on the content displayed on the screen. Did you receive a message from a friend inviting you to have a drink? Google analyzes this message and offers to call the restaurant, check its reviews and other related information, among others.

androidpit france comparative test proactive assistant vs google now google now on tap image 00
Google Now on Tap is the ultimate feature that puts you in the user's context. Google

In sum, it is clear that the flexibility of this function is simply FOLLE. From Google Now on Tap, the feature also has the ability to scan and encrypt any other type of content. Another example, I get an email from Fred in which he invites me to see a movie, but I never heard about it. Well, Google Now will be able to suggest me several ways to discover its content, according to the applications installed on my Android. A very interesting function melted into the system that will undoubtedly take.

This is so, it is not forbidden to give your opinion. Yes, we are curious to know the LA or THE ultimate features that have you most marked on Android. Do not hesitate for a second, lick yourself in the comments.

Article written by Tony Balt in 2015

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