5 signs that show you're more in love with your phone than your partner

5 signs that show you're more in love with your phone than your partner

Two and a half years was my longest love relationship in my life. An unconditional love that made me make crazy gestures, an intense connection, often turbulent, but that made me stronger. Of course I'm talking about my Google Nexus 5, a smartphone that, as you know, made me suffer sometimes, and with whom I had to break the end of 2015.

As you know, Valentine's Day arrives this Sunday, but the lovers' party is also an opportunity to realize sometimes that we are more attached to his smartphone than his / her partner. There are indeed many people who have trouble moving away from their smartphone, even when you do not really need it. So are you more in love with your phone than your partner? Do you recognize yourself in these situations? To you to tell us!

1. You spend more time with your smartphone

According to a study by Deloitte, 7 out of 10 French citizens now own a smartphone. In total, French people consult their mobile terminal nearly 900 million times a day. A study of the TNS group even revealed in 2015 that young adults between the ages of 16 and 30 spent an average of 3.2 hours on their smartphone, almost a full day per week.

If your partner makes you notice that you are hanging on your smartphone or if you decide to invite a restaurant because you want to spend the evening increase your score Candy Crush Saga, then it may be time to ask the question on your relationship.

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Nothing beats a good lunch with his smartphone ANDROIDPIT

2. You first turn on your smartphone before saying hello

Be honest and answer this question: what is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? If looking at your mobile first is your case, you may be in love with your phone. But rest assured, you are not alone because 60% of smartphone owners consult their smartphone within one hour of waking up.

Where are the good ways of yesteryear? The affection, the desire to caress, to kiss his / her partner for a hello sacr? React and leave the action mode active until you leave the house to go to work!

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It's too hard, I can not fight against the call of the smartphone! ANDROIDPI

3. You offer more gifts your phone

Valentine's Day is usually an opportunity to offer a gift to your partner. But nothing prevents you from making others throughout the year!

If you're one of the people who covers your phone with more covers, protective covers, headphones or other accessories than your spouse, there's a problem. Do not be afraid though, it is a problem that can affect both people in a couple.

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Nothing is too good for his smartphone! AndroidPIT

4. You do not forget to charge your phone but you forget his birthday

This sign is for all those who are up in the air and who have difficulty with dates. Yet, he can testify to some discomfort. Because if you do not forget every night to recharge your mobile but you omit the anniversary date of your wedding or the birth of your youngest, you can be remonstrated from your partner.

Small advice for those who are addicted to their phone and do not want to live a double life with their smartphone, just put a reminder in your calendar app and the turn is played. Neither seen nor known !

Androidpit on the smartphone with hearts 1817
Yes it is possible to love his smartphone and his / her partner. AndroidPIT

5. You know more about the life of your friends

Too often, you are more up-to-date on online status shared by your friends (who are not always your friends), than on the emotional state and the real state of your partner, who right now is in front of you and who is trying to talk to you. So take a little time to breathe and listen. It would be too much to spend next to important things in your relationship.

Androidpit privacy stalker
"So like a, Julien goes to Adle's concert this Saturday." AndroidPIT

So, do you think that you are more in love with your smartphone than your partner? Do you know other signs? Tell us everything in the comments.

Article crit first published in February 2016

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