5 secret tips to significantly increase the life of your battery

5 secret tips to significantly increase the life of your battery

A hot topic in the world of smartphones: your drums, and more particularly how to save. Whether you have an Android, an iPhone or a Windows Phone, you know how hard it is to keep a day without your phone dying. Duty to handle the forces of his phone on a daily basis can be a real obstacle course. We have compiled for you five little known things that are the cause of many problems.

1. Radiate too bright screen funds

Last week, I noticed that my phone battery was three hours shorter than usual. I decided to investigate and, after analyzing the latest applications I installed and doing some research on forums, I made a hallucinatory discovery: the funds or clear themes sign the loss of your battery!

If your smartphone has an OLED, AMOLED or Super AMOLED screen, a white screen will require up to 20% more energy for your food. If you have an LED screen, you are saved, but otherwise it will be good if you adopt a dark theme.

So I went from a:

A to:

And I can assure you that we notice a big difference. I regained in a flash my three hours of battery previously lost. If you have an OLED screen, you know what you have to do: we put on black. Pretty easy and devilishly effective.

2. Disable Adobe Flash

I have to admit that I love being able to use Flash on my smartphone but I never noticed how much my battery decreased every time Flash works to load the ads and other videos of the sites I visit. If your browser accepts plug-ins on demand, I strongly encourage you to turn this feature on or disable Flash altogether when you're not using it because it consumes battery power.

3. Disable vibrations

I've always loved the little vibrations you feel under your fingers when you tap on your keyboard. But all comes at a price: the energy needed to produce the vibrations has a catastrophic impact on your battery. If you really want to save it, go to the sound settings and turn off the vibrate to the touch option. Your battery will thank you.

4. Reload your phone at the right temperature

It's summer, so it's hot and most people with the chance to go to the beach want to have their phone charging block to enjoy it all day long. But beware ! If you charge your phone in a room that is too hot or too cold, it can affect your battery. Ideally, the place should be between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. It sounds silly, but you'll notice a difference. So think twice before watching your smartphone in your burning car!

5. Have its applications day

Developers do not insist that we put their apps day for nothing. When they optimize their software and repair possible bugs, they also make sure that they do everything to make them more efficient in terms of battery. Do not forget to update your apps!

To remember

I could note a big difference on my battery thanks to these five tricks and I can only encourage you to adopt them. also know how to reduce your energy consumption: manage the frequency at which your widgets update, the synchronization settings of your applications (does your Facebook really need to be refreshed every hour?), and your connections WiFi / 3G. And many other things you can find in our article on battery optimization here.

I hope that has helped you! Do not hesitate to share your tips to save the life of your battery!

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