5 Reasons to Install a Custom ROM on your Android Mobile

5 Reasons to Install a Custom ROM on your Android Mobile

ROM is one of the most important elements of the smartphone. It represents the interface between the user and the machine, allowing to manage the hardware and all associated resources. If the default ROM on your Android tires you and you want to customize every aspect, it's time to take things in hand!

Is not that why you chose Android? To be able to install a customized ROM, adapt the mobile needs while enjoying better performance? Here are the reasons why it's worth installing a custom ROM on your Android phone.

1. Extreme customization

Let's start with what is perhaps the weakest argument of this list, namely the interface and its design. The aesthetic is not completely ignored, and having a Custom ROM can improve the appearance of your Android interface, bringing new shades of colors and / or getting out of your habits.

Some developers prefer to provide minimalist and colorful interfaces, with animations and custom effects. Android is already customizable in its basic version, but the ROMs give you the assurance of really being able to choose yourself every detail of your operating system. The selection of ROMs for Android is really impressive, and you are sure to find the one whose design you really like.

AndroidPIT flagship smartphones 4051
Are you tired of always finding the same interface? AndroidPIT

2. Get rid of bloatware

Fed up with bloatware! This is not the first time we speak out against this builders' habit of overloading our Android devices with unwanted features. It is difficult to get imposed applications and features that we will never use but that take storage space on our devices.

Some manufacturers (such as OnePlus) are trying to limit the number of pre-installed applications, but the majority continue to lose the bloatware flaw. The main remode of the bloatware, however, is to install a custom ROM! This one will allow you to get rid completely of the launchers, applications and app stores of which we do not have to do.

AndroidPIT no more bloatware
Say stop to pre-installed applications. AndroidPIT

3. Constant and faster updates

Custom ROMs (or Custom ROMs) usually receive continuous updates from developers, who commit to improving them to fix bugs and introduce new features. By installing a custom ROM, you make sure you have an updated device with the latest features in your pocket.

Mobile manufacturers are generally slow to update their models, and it often takes a long time to get the latest updates. On the other hand, ROM developers are always very quick to make them effective! The installation of a ROM also allows to increase the lifespan of your mobile, receiving updates even if the manufacturer does not officially plan to deploy them on your model.

Androidpit System update Nexus 6P
For a smartphone always day! AndroidPIT

4. Improve performance and autonomy

Being free of bloatware, the ROMs are lighter than the basic operating system, use less RAM and memory on your mobile, for increased performance. Getting rid of bloatware also means that you will save more battery.

androidpit sony xperia z3 speed test
Great performance. AndroidPIT

5. Better protection of privacy

Our smartphones now contain many sensitive data: passwords, PIN codes, embarrassing photos, personal conversations and documents of all kinds. While the mobiles we use are generally not safe!

Having a truly private life is more and more like a digital utopia, but there are still some tips to apply. By installing a custom ROM, you will be able to opt out of using certain Google apps or services.

AndroidPIT privacy 3
Do not underestimate the protection of your private data. AndroidPIT

Here are some of the benefits of using a custom ROM. Of course, installing a ROM can be tricky, and cause problems on your device if it is not done properly. That's why we suggest you take a look at our guides before you start!

Are you now convinced to install a Custom ROM?

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