5 new false ideas that you thought true about smartphones

5 new false ideas that you thought true about smartphones

Ide false n1: You must fully charge your device when using it for the first time

We often hear that it is advisable to fully charge your smartphone or tablet during the first use to break the battery and start its cycles properly. This is not a bad practice in itself but it is not essential, far from it. Failure to do so will not harm your device.

androidpit android phones confused
We are here to help you sort out what comes from fiction and what comes from reality. AndroidPIT

While some older batteries, such as those with nickel-cadmium (NiCd) or nickel-metal hydrate (NiMH) needed a cycle of amorage, Lithium-Ion batteries (including Li-ion Polymer) n do not need it. You can use them at the output of their box explains the renamed Battery University site, a resource offering tips on battery usage.

This is true for most modern smartphones that use similar lithium batteries. The only advantage that a complete charge offers a phone before its first use concerns its tailgating. After a full charge, the percentage of the battery that your smartphone displays may be closer to reality. That said, any inaccuracy usually corrects itself after a number of charges.

androidpit USB 3
There is no need to worry about reloading your Android smartphone completely when you first use it. AndroidPIT

Ide fake n2: Android devices are not afraid of malware

Security threats and vulnerabilities on Android tend to be exaggerated. This is not surprising because many of these exaggerations come from security companies that are interested in this business. That said, the number of Android devices in circulation (more than a billion currently) is an ideal target for crooks. For this reason, Android is one of the least secure platforms in the world.

The CEO of Kaspersky Lab, Eugne Kaspersky, had the problem on iTWire: Windows is the best operating system, far ahead of others (iOS, OS X and Android) and Microsoft will be even more vigilant in the next version.

On Android, the man said this: more and more attacks will take place on Android because attacks on the iPhone are more difficult to develop. According to the security report published by the Pulse application, 97% of malware developed on mobile are on Android.

androidpit antivirus
The threats on Android are real. AndroidPIT

Android devices are therefore an ideal prey for malware. It is therefore necessary to remain vigilant on the applications (and in particular their origin) that you download.

False idea n3: the animated screens will reduce considerably your autonomy

The animated screens reduce the autonomy of your smartphone but the tension of this decline varies widely. In some cases, if the animated wallpaper does not use other sensors on your phone (like the gyroscope), or does not require an internet connection, the difference is negligible.

I decided to test that myself. I put a Sony Xperia Z3 in airplane mode with the brightness adjusted to the maximum and allowed to turn an animated screen on the screen for 30 minutes.

I then repeated the process with a static screen. Here are the results:

androidpit smartphone myths battery test
The animated background has 6% battery consumption in 30 minutes. AndroidPIT
androidpit smartphone myths battery test 2
The static background has consumed 6% of battery in 30 minutes. AndroidPIT

This is a summary test but I am sure you understand my point. The percentage of the battery after 30 minutes is the same despite the animated screen. We could extrapolate the test on a day, as AndroidBeat had done to see the few differences.

The animated screens are part of the Android ecosystem and it would be a shame not to use them for an almost tiny difference.

Ide false n4: Task killers improve performance

Ok, I really hope that no one still believes this to be true! According to How-to Geek, this is not only incorrect, but in some cases Task Killers can even affect the performance of your device.

Android is a sophisticated mobile operating system. It has been developed to accommodate a large number of applications so that they are quickly open. That's why you can easily re-launch apps that you have not used for weeks. This is a feature of the device, and installing an application to rework this process is not necessary.

android cpu frequency
There are many ways to improve the performance of your phone, but using a task killer is not part of it. AndroidPIT

Ide false n5: leave the NFC still activated seriously damages the battery

Using the NFC affects the life of the battery but it is a very important process again that you will not even notice the difference. John Bullard, an NFC developer and co-founder of Flomio who helped develop NFC-based technologies, says that Android has some preventive measures to actually activate the NFC only under certain circumstances.

Except in case you use the NFC several times throughout the day, leaving the NFC activated will not have a standard impact on the battery.

androidpit enable nfc
Leaving the NFC on will not have such a strong impact on the autonomy of your smartphone. AndroidPIT

Ideas to contribute and enlarge this list? Let us know in the comments.

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