5 futuristic ways to keep your Android flying

5 futuristic ways to keep your Android flying

(Dogs: the most obnoxious security agents)

When the Face Unlock technology was announced for the Galaxy Nexus, all Internet has started to determine whether this security system was reliable or not. How can a mechanism that can not make the difference between the user and a photo of it could be effective enough to avoid a flight? At the Andrpital conference, we used our brains to find other ways to secure our phones (conditions with unlimited resources and futuristic technologies). Here are our 5 ways to keep your Android flying:


(Photo: Androidzoom.com)

Fingerprint recognition technology has been around for a while. It's a fast, safe and sure way to secure your Android phone. There are already some applications that scan your finger but their effectiveness remains to prove. A good method of fingerprint security : what is missing Android.

3D facial recognition

(Photo: Signdealz.com)

Face Unlock on Android 4.0 is not bad, but has not gone far enough. To access the smartphone content of your prey, all you need is to hold a photo of it in front of the camera (a new version is supposed to integrate the blinking of the eyes in his system, but his proofs remain) . An easy 3D recognition would use two phone-washing handsets to create a three-dimensional topographic projection of the phone owner, reducing the efforts of thieves having a hand photo.

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition can also be used to unlock smartphones, with phrases that only you know as banana is cooked or shark crooked.


(This is a fake device)

The most effective way to keep thieves out of your phone would be to install a small taser on the device that would unauthorized users (the smartphone would be able to decide on it after they entered a series of incorrect passwords or after analyzing their fingerprints and seeing what did not fit). Black dot ? You give yourself a discharge by accident.

A carbon fiber briefcase

(Photo: Hermes)

If you really do not want thieves to come close to your Android, you can still invest in a titanium case, like this Herms briefcase, to protect your phone. At 13,000, it's an investment, but is it more valuable than your Android ?!

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