5 free carpooling apps for Android and iPhone

5 free carpooling apps for Android and iPhone

The strike of December 5 promises to sow a big mess among all those who are used to getting to their place of work using public transport. To avoid this hassle, why not opt ​​for carpooling? This ecological, economical and practical solution is gaining more and more workers and travelers.

A convincing alternative to public transport, the sharing of a vehicle between individuals is now facilitated by many companies in the collaborative economy which connect drivers and passengers. The various players in the sector are doing everything to encourage users of public transport who would be tempted to change the means of transport, opt for carpooling. Several of them offer a free return trip daily for users with a transport card subscription such as the Navigo.

The editorial team therefore surveyed the mobile stores to present the five best carpooling apps available on Android and iPhone.


We don't show anymore BlaBlaCar. Specialized in long distance trips, the platform is suitable for both drivers and passengers. Publishing an ad is done in just a few seconds, with the possibility of customizing the route chosen, stages, types of routes taken, number of places available. The application itself suggests the pick-up rates that you can adjust if they seem too high or not enough (estimated rate 0.41 / km for five passengers, or approximately 0.08 / km per passenger, not including service charges ).

Passengers can reserve one or more places for a specific journey, as early as the last minute. The meeting point and time are fixed by the driver who undertakes to respect his part of the contract. To avoid unpleasant surprises, BlaBlaCar is based on a carpool scoring system whose profiles you can freely consult.

The +:+ Long distance trips + User rating system + Very active community + Great diversity of routes

The – :– Do not manage local carpooling – Commission BlaBlaCar very high

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For short distances, BlaBlaCar has a full-fledged application with BlaBlaLines. Deployed in three French cities for the moment Reims, Toulouse, Paris, the service focuses on commuting, but also on short trips of all types. The carpools available for a journey are registered on a timeline of the day with the possibility of reserving a car D + 2. The indicative timetables are confirmed with the driver who chooses a meeting point.

Unlike BlaBlaCar, BlaBlaLines does not manage payments. The passenger must pay his seat in cash with the driver, before or after the trip. The prices indicated correspond to the tax scale and are free of commission costs.

The +:+ Short trips + Possibility to view all trips of the same day and to book D + 2 + No commission fees

The – :– Too few agglomerations concerned – No management of regulations

Download BlaBlaLines for Android (Free)Download BlaBlaLines for iPhone (Free)


Karos focuses on short distance daily trips. Like an intelligent assistant, the application uses the geolocation of your device to learn from your travels and offer you relevant routes. Drivers and passengers meet halfway and leave at the end of the common journey, without detrimental consequences for the driver.

Karos demonstrates appreciable flexibility. Drivers and passengers do not necessarily meet one day on the other, the carpooling suggestions taking into account the time variations of each. The attractive rates applied by the app (0.10 / km per passenger with a minimum of 1.50 per journey) are free of commission costs. Ile-de-France residents with the Navigo Card even benefit from one free return trip per day. This option being tested in le-de-France aims to cover other regions of France.

The +:+ One return trip per day offered to Ile-de-France holders of the Navigo Card + No commission retained + Flexibility of journeys + Possibility of saving several journeys in favorites

The – :– Sends a lot of notifications that are not always useful despite the deactivation of push messages in the application settings

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Klaxit makes corporate carpooling its leitmotif. At the time of your registration, the app inquires about your workplace to put you in contact with already established sharing networks. If the company is not listed, it is still possible to use the service.

Klaxit takes your schedules into account to offer you relevant carpooling, whether you are a driver or a passenger. You can refine the search results by indicating the type of atmosphere desired for your journeys. Less flexible than Karos, the application manages only one daily round trip route. The fixed prices (0.10 / km per passenger from the first kilometer) cover the estimated costs of the driver without the possibility of a flat-rate adjustment. Partner of the cities of Paris, Lyon, Lille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Nantes and Rennes, Klaxit offers two journeys a day to holders of associated transport cards.

The +:+ One return trip per day offered to holders of a transport card in eight major cities in France + Weaves a corporate car-pooling network + No commission deducted + Possibility of organizing all of the carpools for the week in one go

The – :– Not always flexible on routes

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unlike its competitors, OuiHop table on limprvu and connects pitons and conductors. The goal here is not to schedule daily routes, but to provide hitchhikers with an efficient and secure platform. From your geographic position, the application displays the number of users present in real time as well as the routes of each. Pedestrians can virtually hoist a vehicle that passes nearby while drivers can manifest themselves near tired trampers.

OuiHop works by subscription and offers the first three trips. For 2 / month, it is possible to carpool unlimited as a passenger. Drivers pay nothing and are paid by a system of Hopiz points which can be exchanged for vouchers which can be used on the motorway, in petrol stations, car parks, service centers, and even for cultural activities.

The +:+ Facilitates and secures hitchhiking + Ability to view the routes of all connected users

The – :– Hopiz remuneration for drivers – Passenger pass not necessarily profitable depending on the number and duration of journeys made

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