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5 free apps to call your loved ones on video

5 free apps to call your loved ones on video

Staying at home away from family and friends is a torture for some. Until you can find your loved ones and hold them in your arms, you will have to turn to the only alternative solution allowing you to see your friends and family: messaging applications.

While most users use it primarily to send text messages, many have never had the nerve to try video calls. But under current conditions, this function will allow as many people as possible to maintain contact, especially with the most vulnerable people.

Depending on the equipment you and your loved ones have, you may not even need to download additional applications. This is the case, for example, on Macs, iPhones and iPads that natively integrate FaceTime, the video calling application that works exclusively on Apple devices.

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Android smartphones and tablets often have Google Duo, the video conferencing application from the Mountain View company, which is also accessible on any computer from a web browser.

If there are many solutions, in some cases you will have to try them to make sure that they suit you or allow you to contact all the relatives with whom you wish to be able to continue to interact on a daily basis. Here are five apps that will allow you to call your loved ones on video.

Facebook Messenger

If you have a Facebook account, you can call your loved ones by video directly in instant messaging Facebook Messenger, from any computer (web browser), or from iOS and Android mobile applications.

Simply create a new conversation or enter an existing conversation, and launch the video call by clicking on the appropriate button. You can even call several people simultaneously if you create a group conversation beforehand.

Go to Facebook Messenger (Free)Download Facebook Messenger for Android (Free)Download Facebook Messenger for iPhone / iPad (Free)


Available on iOS and Android, WhatsApp requires a phone number to operate. If you are not yet using the application, the time may have come to take the plunge. The messaging application, bought by Facebook in 2014, can send text messages, share photos, videos and files, but also make audio calls, and especially video.

Video calls are launched directly from a conversation, and you can even add new participants during a call, WhatsApp authorizing up to 4 people per video call.

Google Duo

If the application is increasingly installed on recent Android smartphones, you may need to download it manually on older models. Like WhatsApp, Google Duo requires that you register using your phone number.

The application is available on both iOS and Android, but benefits from better integration on the latter, Google requires. Little more for Android users, you can launch a video call in Google Duo directly from the Google Messages application, if you use it.

Once your phone number Google Duo saved, you can link your Gmail account to connect the application on other devices to receive calls, including the web version of the service, accessible from any browser.

Note that a function called "Toc Toc" is active by default in Duo. It allows people you call to see your video before they even hang up. Do not forget to deactivate it in the settings if you do not want the other party to be able to see you before accepting the call.


The audio and video chat and call application bought in 2011 by Microsoft is one of the oldest existing solutions. Skype is available both on computers and on mobile platforms, and even has a web version accessible from any browser.

To work, the program requires that you create an account Skype or sign in with a Microsoft account if you have one.

In addition to the ability to send written messages and share files, Skype will allow you to call your loved ones in audio, but especially in video. The software supports group calls and authorizes up to 50 participants.


Powered by Rakuten, Viber allows you to send messages, and make free audio and video calls securely across all platforms. The application is indeed available on PC, macOS and Linux, but also on Android and iOS smartphones.

The app requires you to log in using your phone number. Once connected, it automatically detects all the contacts in your directory registered and using the application.