5 false ideas that you thought true about smartphones

5 false ideas that you thought true about smartphones

1. Only use the supplied charger in the box?

If that was a fact, none of our smartphones would work in the office. To be honest with you, we rarely use the right charger and our devices are almost always in charge.

Intensity, power, voltage … you have to know that all this affects the way a device is charged. All chargers offer different features and are generally optimized for a specific device or a range of products of the same kind. As our colleagues from the ExtremeTech blog recently pointed out, it is quite possible to connect a USB device to a USB cable, then a USB port and nothing interferes between them for their smooth operation, especially because they are of the same family.

AndroidPIT OnePlus 2 USB Type C
The OnePlus 2 is an exception the rule is required a Type-C USB cable to be charged, like the new ones
Nexus 5X and
Nexus 6P, including. AndroidPIT

That said, using a more powerful charger can have a detrimental effect on the battery. That is to say on the long term and the endurance of the battery on a daily basis. Many people say that the longer the charge takes and the longer the battery will produce a conclusive battery life. We agree with this truth. As a result, the more powerful the charger, the better the charge quality becomes. Again, there are many technologies that mitigate the harmful effects of fast chargers and this, by software and hardware optimizations.

For the example, we can evoke the Quick Charge technology. With a compatible device, the 2.0 generation of this technology is able to recharge the battery of a mobile from 0 to 60% in 30 minutes. Thinking about it, has a lot of resemblance to travel chargers. But unlike these, Quick Charge will be able – with a compatible charger – optimize and erase those side effects that tend to truly abate the battery of a smartphone. A notable advantage, especially when you see that this technology is universal with compatible mobile devices. So, you should definitely ask if it is possible to use the quick charger of HTC for another compatible Sony mobile. Yes, without any impact!

2. A black screen improves autonomy?

This is a real thing, but not universal all the notches of smartphones. Indeed, the fact of using a real black background to reduce energy consumption is valid only with notches that rely on LED technology (OLED, AMOLED, etc.). More clearly, the LED screens do not need energy to display the blacks, since the LEDs of it are considered dyed in this context.

androidpit best wallpaper apps teaser picture
With an LCD screen, setting a black, blue or red screen background has no influence on the battery. AndroidPIT

This argument is unfortunately not valid for notches that use LCD technology, even for black pixels. This is partly because this type of screen does not display real blacks, but also because the lighting of the screen is not dependent on each pixel, but divides orderly around it . Which is why this technology is more energy efficient than the AMOLED, which is less so, but more expensive to produce.

3. Better features for better performance?

After a while, we must admit that a high-end smartphone 2011 will not produce the same performance as a smartphone of the same caliber marketed in 2015. At the same time, it is rather logical because the components have evolved in the meantime (miniaturization, less heating, faster, etc.). That said, it is not always recommended to move towards the highest features that can accommodate major hardware defects. As was the case with the Snapdragon 810 in 2015, among others.

androidpit camera specs comparison 2
iPhone 6 (top left), Nexus 5 (top right), OnePlus 2 (bottom left), and Sony Xperia Z3 Compact (bottom right). Do you think the difference in quality is so important? AndroidPIT

As you can see, the processor that displays the most number is not necessarily the most powerful / powerful. This is also why it is recommended to consult the opinion of people who have really been able to try the product in condition that others who extol the merits of such that they do not even know and this , relying solely on the technical sheet. This argument is valid for all the features: technology and screen definition, amount of RAM (the generation of which can vary), number of millions of pixels of a camera (the quality of the sensor and the software optimization are real masters), the battery capacity and the number of charge cycles possible (with batteries that encrypt a lot of mAh, but which are dung in reality).

4. To let your phone charge can damage the battery?

This argument is only for very smartphones, but for several years our mobiles are home to volutions and technologies that are able to counter this. So if you think that letting your smartphone plug in for a whole night will damage your battery, you are mistaken. Once loaded, the mobile stops doing this to get into a mode called sector, like laptops.

androipit smartphone battery attack 9
This technique is a simple and straightforward way to destroy your battery. AndroidPIT

As Farbe Technik, a manufacturer of accessories around battery charging, points out, the guy says: Your phone is smart. As soon as the charge is complete, the smartphone knows when to turn off the power to protect itself and go into mains, in order to avoid any electrical overload. .

On the other hand, it is important to note that a device in charge increases the temperature of the battery, which in turn increases that of the telephone. If you use the device at the same time, these aspects will also be twofold, but they are usually prepared / tested against that. However, we advise you to remove your smartphone from its case during charging, because it is precisely in this type of case that it can overheat and be damaged.

5. Factory reset clears the data?

If you resell or discard your Android, it is strongly recommended that you reset the data on your smartphone to factory settings. Once again, you should know that a reset of your smartphone in its factory settings will delete the data on your smartphone, but not completely in some cases.

According to a survey conducted by the ArtsTechnica specialists blog, the result is that about 630 million phones can not purge contacts, emails, images and more. On the other hand, it is also noted that a factory reset will not erase data that is hosted on the external device – such as an SD card – from a device. For that, it is necessary to go and get the files and remove the hand.

5 false ideas that you thought true about smartphones images 00
On this unit, all data may not be deleted after the initialization. AndroidPIT

If some data was not erased after the initialization of a device, it's just because they were put in a deletion state without being defined. Moreover, many specialists say that the fact of encrypting a mobile before reinitializing it in its factory parameters confers a better chance of success. I have not tried it yet, but I will try and get you back on the opportunity.

Ideas to contribute and enlarge this list? Let us know in the comments.

Article inspired by Scott Adam Gordon.

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