5 cool new icon packs to check out

It’s no wonder everyone looks at their homescreen multiple times a day. Therefore, spending time customizing it will improve the overall look of your smartphone. Now, changing the icon pack is one of the easiest ways to quickly customize the home screen, but it can be very difficult to choose an icon pack that meets your needs because it there are many icon packs on the google play store. That’s why we’ve picked out some of the newly arrived icon packs that come with a decent aesthetic so you can customize your home screen and app drawer faster than ever.

1. Resicon Pack Flat

If you’ve used Lineage OS before, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with this icon pack at first sight. The icon pack includes the Most LineageOS icons redefined in a flat style. The function of hiding icons is featured in this icon pack which allows users to make unidentified icons look like themed icons. If any of your favorite icon packs are missing, you can submit a request by going to the Icon Request section of the app.

Download Resicon Pack Flat (Free)

2. Mint icons

Minty Icons is one of the icon packs to use if you like vector icons. The app includes over 1200 vector icons at stylish and upscale look. The wallpapers included in the app are just amazing and they suit the icon pack very well. If you need more icons, there is a premium version which is updated more often and supports more icons.

Download Minty Icons (Free) | Download Minty Icons Pro (Paid)

3.OxyPie Free Icon Pack – Round User Interface

OxyPie is an icon pack for those who like to minimize it without lacking in elegance. The icon pack is inspired by the icons found in the Oxygen operating system. More than 4300 icons are thematic, which means most of the apps you use daily have an OxyPie variant.

Download OxyPie Free Icon Pack – Round User Interface (Free)

4. Afterglow icons

Afterglow icons give you that subtle look made of pastel colorswithout too much light. The icon pack is relatively new and support for new icons is added every week. At present, 600 icons cover most consumer applications. The thing I love the most about Afterglow icons is that it fits almost any wallpaper I have, which is really a plus.

Download Afterglow Icons (Free)

5. Linebit Icon Pack

The Linebit icon pack is without a doubt my favorite icon pack on this list. The icon pack has a unique feel that allows me not to change it. In fact, I keep coming back to Linebit after trying lots of new icon packs. Currently there are over 2750 thematic icons and therefore most of the apps you use will be. Developer help is also very helpful in this icon pack, as I personally requested a few icons and they were added in the next update. The app is not available for free, but trust me, you won’t regret this purchase.

Download Linebit (Paid)

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So these are some of the icon packs that we thought we would try to personalize your Android device. Do you have any similar suggestions? Drop them in the comments section below.