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5 best tools to test the graphics processor in 2019

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5 best tools to test the graphics processor in 2019

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Before switching over to a new computer, it is of paramount importance for PC builders to thoroughly test a PC, both inside and out.Therefore, in this article, we offer you the best tools for testing GPU performance in order to that you can get a good idea of ​​the graphics rendering capabilities of your computer. We have been very selective about the software and have only mentioned reliable programs that do not pose any risk of hardware damage. said, let's go ahead and get rid of the best GPU resistance testing programs.

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Software to test the graphics processor

Here we have included 5 GPU stress testing programs, which are mostly free for personal use. However, if you want an extended loop test period, you may need to purchase an advance version of the program. Nevertheless, here are the software that will allow you tooverclock your GPUand to test its stability.

1. Unigine

Unigine creates one of the best game engines in the world. Apart from that, it also offers some game tests that can stress your endless GPU.popular tests areOverlay, Heaven and ValleyYou can use any of the mentioned tests, but if you really want to put your tough GPU proof, go for Overlay. It's a very demanding test that makes the advanced visuals created by the powerful Unigine engine itself. more than that, the test includes 900 interactive objects dots of dynamic lighting technology and tests of VR modules. During all this time, you can monitor the use of graphics processor, temperature, power supply, the system of cooling, the number of FPS, etc.

The best part of Unigine and Superposition, in particular, is rendering an interactive environment that even the most detailed games do not have. And besides that, you canstressing an intensive graphics environment for an extended periodto verify the stability of the GPU.Furthermore, Unigine also offers a reference score allowing you to easily compare your GPU score with other systems around the world. That said, if you want to stress your GPU for more cycles, you can Also choose Heaven and Valley.They are quite good and offer a beautiful test environment.In summary, Unigine is a complete stress test tool that includes tests, monitoring and also comparative analyzes. Go with Unigine and you do not you will not be

Check out Unigine(Free, from $ 19.95 for Advanced Editions)

2. 3DMark

3DMark is another popular way to test the GPU with stress, which also offers a reference score. Similar Unigine, it also offers a number of performance tests to measure the capabilities of your GPU. Some of the most popular are Time Spy , Fire Strike, Tomb Raid and more.From all tests,I think Time Spy is the most demandingbecause it takes full advantage of the new DirectX API, such as asynchronous computation and multi-threading.As a result, 3DMark imposes a ridiculous load on the GPU to push it the extreme.In fact, it is so intensive that it brings even the powerfulGeForce GTX 1080 Ti knees after a few test cycles.

Apart from that, the tests have advanced graphic visuals with lighting effects and shadows. All this ensures that the graphics processor usage reaches 100%, so you can find the capabilities of your computer. And as I said it,3DMark offers a standard and cross-platform reference scorethat you can use to value therankingof your GPU, regardless of the manufacturer of the graphics card, be it Nvidia, AMD or Intel.In conclusion, 3DMark is an equally powerful stress testing software for the graphics processor and you must absolutely try it on your machine.

Order 3DMark(Free, starting from $ 29.99 for Advanced Editions)

3. FurMark

Many believe that FurMark is excessive for stress tests of GPUs and just right. The GPU is subject to a standard charge to the point of being able to damage your equipment in case of can take its basic test, which is a standard OpenGL testto measure the stability of the GPU.You can even provide a custom preset such as resolution, dynamic layout, screen mode, durability, etc.Although the tests are very advanced, you can not monitor several essential metrics with the FurMark application. You will need to use software such as the utilityMSI Afterburnerto monitor the use and the temperature of the graphics processor. To conclude, use FurMark if you have the experience and the know-how required for the stress test GPU.

Note:Nvidia automatically enslaves its graphics processor when you run FurMark. So, if you test FurMark on an Nvidia GPU, you will not be able to read correctly. In this case, it is advisable to try another tool from this list.

Discover FurMark(free)


While OCCT is commonly known for itsprocessor voltage tests, it can also torture the GPU its absolute level. You can use OCCT to test the stability of your overclocking parameters such as voltage, frequency and resolution. It implements the OCCT version ofstability testofgraphic processor call the donut fur.The graphics rendering engine is so powerful that it has historically masked notches of food computers by a major graphics card. As a result, the test revealed major design flaws in the architecture of the GPU chipset. best part of OCCT is that it's not just a stress test software itIt allows you toalsoto detect GPU errors and monitor active reads..You can take advantage of the GPU: MEMTEST to look for errors in the memory of the graphics card. In short, OCCT is a multi-use tool to test the GPU and you must absolutely try it. The only disadvantage is that you do not do not get a reference score, but it's okay.

Check Out OCCT(Free for personal use, starts $ 1 per month for business users)

5. AIDA64 Extreme

In addition to the processor test, AIDA64 Extreme also offers GPGPU Benchmark GPGPU stress testing. It includes a system stability test that includes the graphics processor and allows you to perform a series of graphics-demanding tasks to drive your computer. lower level computer.AIDA64 Extreme deploys a 64-bit multi-threaded stress test module anduses the OpenGL API to push the GPU to its maximum capacityThat said, the best part of AIDA64 Extreme is its ease of use.You will get all kinds of information, even in case of significant stress, such as power consumption, graphics processor usage, frequency, temperature, etc. simple terms, if you're new to this world and want a simple tool to test the GPU, then AIDA64 Extreme is a good start.

Discover AIDA64 Extreme(30-day free trial, $ 39.95 for 3 computers)

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Test your GPU with these tools and check the stability

So here are our 5 choices for the best graphics processor stress testing software. Almost all the tools mentioned in this list are safe to use. So do not be afraid to damage your GPU.However, be careful when using FurMark because it can drive the CPUs if it is not configured correctly.What ever, if you want more programs of this guy are testing various hardware components, please comment below and let us know. We will certainly listen to your suggestions.

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