5 best Minecraft-like games on Android

Minecraft is a culture in its own right and to say that there are games like Minecraft is probably wrong. However, there are things about Minecraft that some people don’t like, but like the idea in general. If you are looking for awesome games like Minecraft, well they are here! If you really want Minecraft for Android, you can download Minecraft here! The official Minecraft app is now cross-platform compatible for PC and Xbox One. None of the games on this list have that, for what it’s worth.

5 best Minecraft-like games on Android

Price: Free / $ 2.99 with in-app purchases

Block Story is a mashup between Minecraft and an RPG. You play through a story, do quests and elevate your character. It also keeps a lot of Minecraft elements like building, finding resources, crafting, and even graphics. The story is endless as you can keep doing quests in different maps and regions even after completing them to earn more resources to build more things. You can even do things like interact with fire or ride dragons. It’s a bit buggy here and there, but it’s one of the more solid games like Minecraft.

Price: free with in-app purchases

The Blockheads is a 2D / 3D mix game that is a mix between your standard Minecraft and a platform game. He also has a Sims feel. You will need to make sure that Blockhead eats, sleeps, and stays relatively healthy. Like Minecraft, you can gather resources, craft items, and explore a procedurally generated world. You can even do things like paint or ride donkeys. It’s not exactly like Minecraft, but the similarities are definitely there. Those looking for simpler games like Minecraft could probably start here.

Price: Free / $ 3.99

SurvivalCraft is one of the main games like Minecraft that people try out because it has most of the same type of game elements and graphics. It expands on the basics by adding things like marksmanship with bows and arrows. Other than a few expansions on ideas, the game is pretty much like Minecraft. You can stake things, craft things, build things, and change things until your heart is satisfied. There is a free demo to try it out before purchasing if you are curious.

Price: Free / $ 4.99

Terraria is essentially the 2D Minecraft experience that spans the basics by an entire group. Unlike Minecraft, Terraria has a story and a point. You’ll craft things, wager things, take part in boss fights, and travel through various landscapes. It has over 1250 crafting recipes, around 15 pets, 15 bosses, and over a dozen environments for you to explore. It is also one of the most popular games like Minecraft. Those who want to try it out can check out the free demo before paying the $ 4.99 for the full game.

Price: $ 4.99

Crashlands is one of the best games like Minecraft. The story goes that an intergalactic trucker gets stuck in a strange world. Your job is to keep him alive, gather resources, build a base, and stop the bad guys. It features an endless, self-managed inventory, creatures you can tame, RPG-style progression, and over 500 craftable items. It also includes cloud support and hardware control. It’s a bit more adventure than most Minecraft-style games, but this one is really good.