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5 apps to send your best wishes for 2014

5 apps to send your best wishes for 2014

5 apps to send your best wishes for 2014

If the wish card is still on the rise this year for the most traditional, texting or Facebook took a serious look of old in 2013 with the emergence of new messaging systems. Overview of applications for send your greetings on this first day of 2014.

Image 1: 5 apps to send your best wishes for 2014Snapchat : this is the application that has given Facebook a facelift this year. The application allows you to send photos or short videos to your friends, which will be inaccessible after being viewed once. Of course, it is always possible to take a screenshot or, since recently, to watch them again later. We appreciate the private aspect of the application which allows you to really personalize the photo sent, by adding text or adding color. It is even possible to send it to all your contacts or in public mode, available on your journal, for more general wishes.

Download Snapchat for iOS and Android

Image 2: 5 apps to send your best wishes for 2014Wine : launched this year by Twitter, Vine is a social application allowing you to capture short videos of 6 minutes played in loop. Very simple to use, it also leaves a lot of room for creativity thanks to a mounting system on the flap that is very easy to access. For the new year, you can send your wishes to all your contacts on social networks by making an original short video and sharing it on Facebook or Twitter from the Vine app.

Download Vine for iOS and Android

Image 3: 5 apps to send your best wishes for 2014WhatsApp : if social networks are popular, text messages are not to be outdone and, every year, January 1 sets a new record of text messages sent. The SMS being understood and used by all, it should not be deprived. Compatible with all mobile operating systems, Whatsapp will allow you to send greetings to all your friends, regardless of their smartphones or the social networks on which they are registered.

Download Whatsapp for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows phone

Image 4: 5 apps to send your best wishes for 2014Line Camera : line is a Japanese messaging service that emerged in Europe and the United States in 2013. Among the galaxy of applications the service, Line Camera is one of the most popular and allows adding many effects to your pictures. In addition to a system for touching up faces that can be particularly effective, even frightening, Line Camera allows you to add vignetting effects, text or stickers, sometimes paid, to enrich your photo. Once finished, the photo can be shared on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr to wish your loved ones all the best.

Download Line Camera for iOS and Android

Image 5: 5 apps to send your best wishes for 2014New Year Cards 2014: kitsch has never hurt anyone. In the purest tradition of virtual greeting cards, this application allows you to create images from base maps in French or English with shimmering colors, snowmen or fonts worthy of the great era of Cliparts. You just have to write your personalized message and then share the image on the Android application of your choice: Facebook, SMS, Hangouts or Twitter to share with all your friends.

Download New Year Cards 2014 for Android