5 apps to boost your iPhone battery

Apps booster batterie iPhone - 5 apps pour booster la batterie de votre iPhone

Are you satisfied with the battery life of your iPhone or iPad? We know that this is one of the major problems that we have been talking about a lot in recent months especially after the launch of the models XS, XS Max and XR, who according to Huawei, cannot claim to have a good battery.

There are many solutions to save battery: some recommend uninstalling apps like Facebook that use a lot of background resources and others blame certain features like the True Tone screen. The biggest problem in this debate is that we are not all willing to leave our favorite social networks aside just to save the battery (what good is having a smartphone in this case?).

IPhone Battery Booster Apps - 5 Apps to Boost Your iPhone Battery

In fact, no one is right, but no one is wrong either, just accept the fact that there are many factors that affect the life of the battery. In this article we have made a compilation of the best apps that can be downloaded from theApp store to help fix this problem. The main criterion for developing this list is based on the reviews left by users for each app during the month of September 2018.

Before you start, we remind you that another solution for to deal with the low battery life of your iPhone is the use of an external battery, a very useful accessory if you still want to stay connected without worrying. Let’s go !

Battery life

Battery Life - 5 apps to boost your iPhone battery

Battery Life managed to earn its place among the best in the Utilities category from the App Store. It is no coincidence that this is one of the best known applications in this sector: it is available for iPhone, iPad and also for Apple Watch, perfect for those who want to control the life of their connected watch.

Here is a list of the main functions that this app provides:

  • Execution time monitoring applications installed on the device
  • It establishes information and estimates on the battery: it shows us the state of the battery (perfect, very good, bad…)
  • It has multiple customizable widgets
  • It has an app for Apple Watch that allows you to view the battery charge as well as various data and functions directly on the watch

In addition to these basic functions, Battery Life offers a premium version payable at the price of € 2.29. It is available in a large number of languages, is around 30 MB and is compatible with versions higher than iOS 9.

  • Download the application here

iDevice – Check Device

idevice check device - 5 apps to boost your iPhone battery

First of all, we point out to you that of a paid application at the price of 2.29 € and without free version. iDevice – Check device is the successor of Battery Health – Your Doctor and continues to be a favorite of iOS users with its advanced features.

Its operation is very elaborate, and the application is attractive, versatile and precise. It is available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Since this article focuses on the battery, we will mention only a few aspects of this app, although it has other functions unrelated to the battery:

  • Home screen with battery status
  • Detailed battery and charger information
  • Execution time (headcount) of device applications
  • Test of all hardware functions: microphone, speakers, NFC, flashlight, Touch ID, GPS, compass, brightness…
  • Different types of customizable widgets
  • Tips and suggestions to get longer battery life
  • Without ads
  • General information of the device: CPU, GPU, memory, network…

As previously announced, its strong point is to be a very complete and very useful application to be able to manage your device in an optimal way. Its size is 100 MB and it is compatible with devices that have iOS version 8.0 or higher.

  • Download the application here

Battery Doctor – Master of Battery Maintenance

Battery Doctor - 5 apps to boost your iPhone battery

The biggest problem with Battery Doctor – Master of Battery Maintenance is that it looks way too good. Yes, you read that right … there is an excess of aesthetics and it lacks certain functionalities which would be much appreciated. It is free and only available for iPhone.

As we have just said, we notice here the lack of certain functions which places it below the previous two:

  • Effective battery protection
  • Detailed information on the level and condition of the battery and estimates of the available charging time.
  • Battery maintenance suggestions
  • Watch with weather information.
  • Detailed display of system information and easy to understand settings.

It is compatible with devices running iOS 7 and above and is free. This application is in the top 10 of the Utilities category in more than 30 countries. Its size is 75 MB.

  • Download the application here

Battery Saver – Manage battery life & Check system status

Battery Saver - 5 apps to boost your iPhone battery

Compared to the others, it must be admitted that Battery Saver – Manage battery life & Check system status is not the most complete nor the most worked application. On another side, it is completely free and does not benefit from premium versions. It is only compatible with iPhone.

Thanks to its simplicity, it has gained among the 200 best applications in the Utilities category. Its developers summarize the 4 main functions of this application:

  • Detailed display of the battery charge percentage and its state.
  • Monitoring the use and condition of the RAM.
  • Check the space available in the storage memory.
  • Suggestions for battery maintenance.

This app can be very useful if you want to manage your device space optimally, especially for devices with little RAM and / or ROM memory. Its size is only 19 MB and it is compatible with iOS 7 and higher versions.

  • Download the application here

Battery Monitor Magic XP

Battery Life Booster - 5 apps to boost your iPhone battery

The style of Battery Monitor Magic XP is a little different from the others. It does not cut or stop the operation of applications to make the battery last longer, but will choose the power given to the different apps and when they should be run.

The idea is good and appeals to users. Unfortunately, it is not that different from the rest of the apps because ultimately the final objective is always the same: reduce at all costs the “expense” of certain applications installed on the phone.

This app also lets us know when our phone is charged and we informs about the remaining battery time on our iPhone or iPad. It is free and its size is approximately 30 MB. It is compatible with versions iOS 4.3 or higher.

  • Download the application here

Well, we hope this article came to your aid and remember … A healthy smartphone requires a healthy battery!