4th mobile license: Free in the starting blocks

Fiber: Free wants 4 million lines for 2012

Image 1: 4th mobile license: Free in the starting blocksAs we might expect, Free was quick to speak on the recent announcement by Prime Minister François Fillon to allocate part of the 4th mobile license to a new operator. Maxime Lombardini, director general of the operator, received this decision as “very good news”, and obviously intends to respond to the call for tenders which will be launched soon.

Free is ready

“We are very pleased with this proactive and competitive approach by the government and Arcep,” said Maxime Lombardini. He thus speaks of “continuing the French dynamic in telecoms, that is to say that there are new groups involved in convergence and that what we have managed to do in fixed lines is developing in mobile ”.

It is therefore a winning speech that Free serves us, even though the planned call for tenders has not yet been launched. The government wants to find a fourth operator before the summer of 2009, and Free already seems convinced to win this coveted place. Thus, the operator does not rule out “becoming the fourth mobile operator that France so badly needs”, and even finds that “very legitimate” …